Activity Content:

1. Reading: Organism, Packaged goods, World, Circle, diagram, Human behavior
2. Reading: Picture frame, Ball, Quebec City
3. Reading: Picture frame, lighting
4. Reading: Packaged goods, Picture frame, Square, Parallel, diagram
5. Reading: Picture frame, diagram
6. Reading: Picture frame, diagram, Triangle, Cone
7. Reading: Picture frame, Parallel, Triangle
8. Soundboard: Circle, lighting, diagram, Ball, Cylinder, Triangle, Cone
9. Questions: lighting, diagram, Line art, Triangle
10. Puzzle: Packaged goods, lighting, Cone, Valley of the Kings, Vase
11. Puzzle: Packaged goods, Toy, Brand, Square
13. Puzzle: Packaged goods, Christmas tree
14. Puzzle: Brand
15. Reading: Animal, Green, Vertebrate, Yellow, Logo, Portable Network Graphics, Amphibian, Toad, True frog, Tree frog, Shrub frog, Hyla, Frogs

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