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1. Reading: Packaged goods, Image, Wallpaper, Grass, Tree, Plant, Blog, Natural environment, Natural landscape, Biome, Wall, Plant community, Forest, Nature reserve, Woodland, forest light, Bois Nature Energie - BNE, International Day of Forests, Alabama Healing Arts, LLC
2. Reading: Text, Illustration, Art, Animal, Packaged goods, Book, Poster, Folklore, Children's literature, Potato, Fairy tale, Prophet, Leprechaun, jamie o rourke and the big potato, Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato: An Irish Folktale, The Legend of the Bluebonnet, Tim O'Toole and the wee folk
3. Video: Text, Font, Image, Sky, Wallpaper, Darkness, Light, Brown, Red, Black, White, Atmosphere, Mobile phone, Pitch, pitch black, Filmmaking
7. Puzzle: Text, Font, Illustration, Graphic design, Computer, Meter, Product, Cartoon, Yellow, Orange, Wallpaper, M, Icon, Emoticon, smiley, girl things
13. Puzzle: Text, Font, Illustration, Design, Green, Product, Cartoon, Line, Brand, Person, Fictional character, Adaptation, Product design, Comics, Gardening, gardening cartoon
14. Reading: Text, Organism, Illustration, Animal, Green, Fauna, Vertebrate, Cartoon, Animated cartoon, Adaptation, Leaf, Natural environment, Flowering plant, Biome, Jungle, Vegetation, Flora, shamrock background

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