Activity Content:

1. Reading
2. Soundboard: Promoting Your Apps
3. Soundboard: Creating requires an iOS 
or Android tablet. You 
cannot create on a PC or 
phone. I recommend the
iPad. The iOS version is 
always developed first 
before the Android version., What You Need To Know!, However ..., Once created, your activities
can be played on any device 
that can access the internet,
because they can be played
from their website. This does
include phones, Chromebooks,
PCs, and more.
4. Soundboard
5. Soundboard: Website:, NEXT, Scroll
6. Questions
7. Questions
8. Soundboard
9. Questions: Students can access assignments here. Teachers can assign homework, quizzes, projects from here.
10. Soundboard: If you want to delete an app
permanently, select it here,
then scroll all the way down., RETURN, NEXT
11. Questions: Tap the green triangle to 
preview your slide in action!
12. Soundboard
13. Soundboard: RETURN, EXIT
14. Soundboard
15. Video
16. Soundboard: (These were made by making 
the top image “hide on tap”.), (This was made by making the 
top image “show on tap”. The 
blocks are actually part of the
17. Soundboard: RETURN, NEXT
18. Soundboard: 1, 2, 3
19. Soundboard
20. Video: Ask A Question
21. Questions: A, B, C, D, They played soccer tomorrow., They will play yesterday., They played soccer yesterday.
22. Soundboard: A, B, RETURN, NEXT
23. Soundboard: 1, 2, Response boxes 
allow students to 
respond by 
talking or typing.
24. Video: Talk or Type
25. Text Input: Tap on each box and 
repeat the sentence., sciera   pupil   optic nerve
iris   cornea   retina   lens, Type in the name of
each part of the eye.
26. Soundboard: (Hint: If you want a verbal response, do not type in any punctuation in the answer box. The person will not be saying “fireman period”. Type in exactly what you want them to say. Single one-syllable words are difficult for the speech recognition software to recognize. Try giving it a context, like using it in a phrase or sentence.), RETURN, NEXT
27. Soundboard: 3 You can record any audio (words, sound effects, music).
   You can also type in text that will pop up when the spot
   is tapped., 2 Create hot spots where you want them to tap., 1 record intro
28. Questions
29. Video: Sound Board
30. Soundboard
31. Video: To jump back to the original page,
you will need to tap the “back” button
in the lower left corner.
32. Puzzle
33. Soundboard: 3 Record your 
    intro or 
    directions, 2 Cut your shapes out 
   like creating a hot spot., 1 Design your slide first, leaving 
room to move the puzzle pieces.
34. Video: Shape Puzzle
35. Puzzle: The    boy    was    angry., flower, stem, leaf, roots, Great adaptation
for non-readers!, Notice the
empty space at
the top?
36. Soundboard: RETURN, NEXT
37. Soundboard:
38. Questions: Crop your video!
39. Video: Play a Video
40. Soundboard: Why would I use a video?, How would I use a video?, Step-by-step tutorials
Flipped lessons
Modeling social 
Showcasing talent
Student storytelling
Documenting steps
   in a project
Storybook videos
   exercises, NEXT, RETURN
41. Soundboard
42. Soundboard: RETURN, NEXT
43. Soundboard: 1 Give it an attractive cover, 3 Add your “extras”, 2 Give it a title, Packaging Your TinyTap, 4 Tap the upload box
44. Soundboard: RETURN, NEXT
45. Soundboard: Insights, RETURN, NEXT
46. Questions: Money generated by the Pro Memberships goes toward paying the creators every time their activity is played., For more info, go to, Pro Memberships
47. Soundboard: TinyTap
Pro!, Everything
you need
to create is
FREE!!!,, Internet searches, Limited to 50, images/search, Unlimited, RETURN, NEXT, (Subject to
48. Soundboard: Promoting Your Apps, Tweak Your
Profile, Don't Muddy
The Waters, Cover It!, In Your
Sights, What Do 
You See?, What Do
You Hear?, Name That App!, Make The
Connection, Social
49. Soundboard
50. Soundboard: .org, .com, .org
51. Soundboard: 1  Unplug
your device, 2  Reboot
TinyTap, 3  Reboot
your device, 4  Check
for OS/app 
updates, 5  Ask
TinyTapper, 6  If your 
video will
 not play ..., 7  Can't 
access the
website ..., 8  Contact
Support, Basic Trouble Shooting, EXIT, RETURN
52. Questions: THE

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