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1. Questions: Animal, Animated cartoon, Animation, Sharing, Symbol, Pleased
2. Soundboard: Yellow, Electric blue, Square, Symmetry, Parallel, Symbol, Colorfulness, Majorelle Blue, EXIT
3. Soundboard: Circle, Square, Symmetry, Parallel, Slope, Colorfulness, Instructions, MENU, You play this with 2 players or 2 teams. There are 5 pieces for each player/team, so there will be one left over at the end of the game. Return all pieces to their "parking spaces" to exit the game board. It will return to the menu, where you can exit the game if you are finished playing. 3 of the same marker in a straight row wins the game. It is okay to block the other player. That is part of the strategy of the game.
4. Puzzle: Packaged goods, Red, Symmetry, Symbol, Cross, Sign, Majorelle Blue, Coquelicot
5. Puzzle: Pattern, Symmetry, Symbol, Cross, Religious item
6. Puzzle: Animal, Sharing, Symbol
7. Puzzle: Yellow, Orange, Symbol, Sand
8. Puzzle: Circle, Insect, Symbol, Wing, Butterfly, Carmine, Beetle, Ladybug, Coquelicot
9. Puzzle: Pattern, Turquoise, Azure, Aqua, Symbol, Cross, Teal, Majorelle Blue
10. Puzzle: Animal, Yellow, Orange, Symmetry, Symbol, Cross, Amber, Religious item
11. Puzzle: Animal, Yellow, Symbol, Cross, Sunglasses
12. Puzzle: Pattern, Orange, Squash, Sharing, Symbol, Cross, Amber
13. Puzzle: Purple, Pink, Magenta, Symbol, Cross, Creative arts, Religious item
14. Puzzle: Green, Symbol, Cross
15. Puzzle: Pattern, Purple, Earrings, Square, Symmetry, Symbol, Cross, Violet, Colorfulness
16. Reading: Magenta, White

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