Activity Content:

1. Questions: Animal, Mug, Drinkware, Bird, Animation, Azure, Drink, Aqua, Serveware, Cup, Coffee cup, Teacup
2. Video: Green, Pattern, Turquoise, Azure, Aqua, Electric blue, Teal, Colorfulness, Quick Overview 1:27
3. Puzzle: Luggage & bags, Technology, Electronic device, Multimedia, Square, Output device, Gadget, Display device, Colorfulness, Watch, Computer accessory, Sharp knife
is optional
4. Soundboard: Luggage & bags, Paper product, Paper, Turquoise, Aqua, Cardboard, Computer accessory, 1. Line your tray with wax paper.
5. Soundboard: Drinkware, Circle, Turquoise, Tableware, Dishware, Aqua, Cup, Teal, Couch, 2. Break up the dark chocolate, 
and put it in the bowl.
6. Soundboard: Technology, Electronic device, Multimedia, Turquoise, Aqua, Teal, Electronics, Display device, Microwave oven, 3. Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second bursts, stirring between each one to ensure it melts evenly.
7. Soundboard: Finger, Turquoise, Bracelet, Document, Aqua, Teal, Thumb, Dessert, Nail, Wrist, 4. Pinch a corner of the marshmallow, and dip it into the chocolate. Leave that pinched corner white., (Hold upside
down to allow 
extra chocolate
to drip off
into bowl.)
8. Soundboard: Packaged goods, Turquoise, Brown, Musical instrument, String instrument, Plucked string instruments, String instrument accessory, Aqua, Music, guitar accessory, 5. Use the spoon to help set them up on your tray.
9. Soundboard: Circle, Turquoise, Brown, Aqua, Parallel, Teal, Chocolate, Wall clock, While you are waiting, remelt your chocolate if it has cooled and hardened., 6. Put in refrigerator until chocolate is hard (about 10-15 minutes).
10. Soundboard: Orange, Circle, Turquoise, Azure, Aqua, Teal, Colorfulness, Are your M&Ms already cut?, YES, NO
11. Soundboard: Packaged goods, Food, Cuisine, Snack, Candy, Ingredient, Dessert, Sweetness, Confectionery, Colorfulness, Food additive, 15, 7. Find 15 yellow M&Ms.
12. Soundboard: Finger, Orange, Turquoise, Brown, Aqua, Colorfulness, Amber, Orange and yellow
make the best beaks!, 7. Take a sharp knife and cut your M&Ms in half.  Some might break. That's okay! You get to eat them.
13. Soundboard: Turquoise, Aqua, Glasses, Teal, Kitchen Appliance, Use some chocolate as "glue"., 8. Lay your penguins down on your tray, then add eyes and beak. Rechill.
14. Reading: Mug, Drinkware, Bird, Turquoise, Tableware, Dishware, Drink, Aqua, Serveware, Cup, Teal, Coffee cup, 9. Enjoy!
15. Soundboard: Terrestrial animal, Bird, Turquoise, Penguin, Azure, Aqua, Teal, What will happen to your penguin
if you put him in your hot chocolate?, A. He'll start swimming.

B. The hot chocolate
will freeze.

C. He will melt., GAMES, EXIT
16. Soundboard: Organism, Hat, Bird, Fictional character, Penguin
17. Soundboard: Organism, Yellow, Orange, Bird, Fictional character
18. Soundboard: Organism, Vertebrate, Terrestrial animal, Neck, Flightless bird, Bird, Beak, Penguin, adélie penguin, Seabird
19. Puzzle: Orange, Animated cartoon, Fictional character, Animation
20. Puzzle: Bird, Fictional character, Beak, Ducks, geese and swans, Penguin, Aqua, Sudoku
21. Soundboard: Flightless bird, Bird, Beak, Water bird, Ducks, geese and swans, Penguin, Sunglasses, Waterfowl
22. Questions: Animal, Animated cartoon, Flightless bird, Bird, Beak, Penguin, Animation, adélie penguin, Snow

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