Activity Content:

1. Questions: Organism, Animal, Packaged goods, Photo caption, Poster, Pleased, Paw, -Ellen Weber, 2020, Interactive
Game Boards, Bedtime 
For Bear
2. Soundboard: Animal, Canidae, Carnivore, Vertebrate, Circle, 10
spaces, 20
3. Soundboard: Circle, Parallel, Slope, Colorfulness, Once you have chosen which game board you want, have students choose which game marker will be theirs. Any unused markers should be placed in their "parking spot" on the board. 

You decide how many responses the student needs to give per space. Use your own list of stimulus items, customizing it for each child as needed. The game is "won" when the student gets their bear to the cave (final number). When all markers are in their parking spaces, the game will end., MENU, Instructions
4. Puzzle: Animal, Circle
5. Puzzle: Animal, Animated cartoon, Animation, Artwork
6. Questions: Animal, Animated cartoon, Animation, Earrings, Rodent, Snout

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