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1. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Illustration, Art, Graphic design, Image, Clip art, Cartoon, Photo caption, Happy, Season, Drawing, Sharing
2. Soundboard: Illustration, Art, Animal, Clip art, Graphics, Cake decorating supply
3. Soundboard: Text, Font, Line, Number, Document, Hétérogamie, Homogamy, Instructions, GAME, This game works for any story you have done in class. Play this with individual students, or small or large groups. Have the group work as one team, answering each question in order, or break into a Blue and a Yellow Team. Blue team answers the blue questions, and yellow answers yellow questions. When you tap on the number on the game board, a marker will appear on that spot. If the student's answer is incorrect, tap on the marker to erase it and that team can try again on their next turn. That question must be answered correctly before student/team can move on. The winner is the team answering all of their questions first. When the game is completed, and all questions answered, tap on the gingerbread house to exit. You can also assign this as homework to review a story before a test/quiz.
4. Questions: Illustration, Season, Balloon, Recreation, Mode of transport, Vehicle, Aircraft, Winter, Hot air balloon, Hot air ballooning, Air sports, Aerostat

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