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1. Questions: Text, Illustration, Art, Hat, Design, Clip art, Cartoon, Line, Person, Behavior, Sharing, Human behavior, Conversation, Recreation, Comics, Public Relations, -Ellen Weber, 2020, Amelia Earhart, Marie
Curie, Cleopatra, Historical

you probably never
heard of!
2. Soundboard: Text, Meter, Cartoon, Line, Person, Organization, Point, Human, Parallel, Behavior, Sharing, Human behavior, Conversation, Comics, Gender
Bias, Women's 
Rights, Gender
Equity, Feminist, Women
can't do that!
3. Soundboard: Text, Illustration, Art, Meter, Clip art, Product, Cartoon, Line, Person, Human, Behavior, Sharing, Human behavior, Play M Entertainment, Gender Bias
4. Reading: Text, Cartoon, Person, Fictional character, Clothing, Upbringing, Job, Gender equality, working mom cartoon race, Unpaid work, Women in India, Women in the workforce, Gender Equity
5. Soundboard: Organism, Illustration, Art, Clip art, Product, Cartoon, Line, Person, Behavior, Human behavior, Recreation, Comics, banker clipart, Women's Rights
6. Soundboard: Text, Font, Illustration, Product, Cartoon, Line, Organization, Human, Parallel, Behavior, Human behavior, Icon, Adjective, Crossword, adjectives crossword, Women
can't be
authors., Women don't
politics., Women
can't run a
business., A young girl
can't impact
the world.
7. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Meter, Luggage & bags, Product, Photo caption, Person, Adaptation, Presentation, Human, Behavior, Human behavior, Outerwear, Born in Poland, 
Marie was awarded 
the Nobel Prize in 
Chemistry in 1911 
for developing the 
theory of radio-
activity, and discov-
ering two radioactive 
elements polonium 
and radium. This knowledge is used today in Xrays and cancer treaments., Marie Curie, Tap picture
to return
8. Soundboard: Text, Font, Meter, Line, Brand, Photo caption, Person, Clothing, Human, Behavior, Human behavior, hedy lamarr, Hedy Lamarr, Born in Austria, Hedy
was a successful actress
with a star on the Holly-
wood Walk of Fame. She
was inducted into the
National Inventors Hall
of Fame in 2014 for her
development of a radio 
guidance system for torpedos 
in WWII, and spread-spectrum techniques used in WIFI and Bluetooth today.
9. Soundboard: Text, Font, Meter, Brand, Photo caption, Person, Happy, Adaptation, Necklace, Biography, coco chanel biography, Coco Chanel, Clat Possible, Coco Chanel, This French fashion
designer is credited
with liberating 
women from wearing
corsets and dresses,
making it possible 
to wear more casual
clothing. She is one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people of the 20th century.
10. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Meter, Product, Photo caption, Person, Furniture, Adaptation, Pink, Pink M, Presentation, Quotation, Table top, christian dior quotes, Christian Dior, Katherine Johnson, Katherine graduated
from high school at the
age of 14, and later 
worked on trajectory
analysis for America's
first human space flight. 
In later missions, NASA 
would use Katherine to check the figures that their computers generated. The movie
"Hidden Figures" tells her story, along with other amazing women at NASA.
11. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Meter, Yellow, Line, Brand, Human, Behavior, Human behavior, mary shelley, Mary Shelley, Did you know that
the famous horror
story "Frankenstein"
was written by a 
woman? Mary Shelley
wrote this story when
she was 19, as a bet 
with another famous author of the time, Lord Byron. This was an amazing 
accomplishment, as women were not
educated as well as men in her time.
12. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Packaged goods, Meter, Line, Brand, Person, Adaptation, Microsoft Azure, History, Money, Cash, Postage stamp, elizabeth blackwell stamp, Elizabeth Blackwell, Elizabeth Blackwell, Born in Britain, Elizabeth 
was the first woman to 
earn a degree in medicine 
and become a doctor. She
was only admitted to the
medical school after the 
men on the board approved
her application "as a joke".
The joke's on them! She opened 
a women and children's clinic in 
New York for the people who 
normally could not get medical care.
13. Soundboard: Font, Illustration, Meter, Luggage & bags, Cartoon, Person, Poster, annie lobert, Mochizuki 
Chiyome, Although there are  no
actual photos of her,
Mochizuki was born in
Japan, and later became
the first female ninja
14. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Hat, Packaged goods, Line, Brand, Person, Book, Poster, Clothing, Presentation, Behavior, Human behavior, Time, time magazine, Frances Perkins, Serving as Secretary of
Labor for President
Franklin D. Roosevelt,
Frances would only accept
the job if FDR would agree
to her terms ... a 40 hour 
work week, abolishment of
child labor, and the creation 
of a Social Security system. 
All of these benefits we take
for granted today as American
citizens are because of 
her efforts.
15. Soundboard: Text, Font, Green, Meter, Product, Person, Adaptation, Clothing, Human, Behavior, Human behavior, material, Suit, Media executive, TV 
host and producer,  and 
philanthropist,  Oprah 
has made history as the 
world's first black female 
billionaire. She was 
awarded the Presidential
Medal of Freedom by
President Obama in 2013., Oprah Winfrey
16. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Meter, Product, Person, Top, Adaptation, Angle, Clothing, free trade agreement, Free-trade area, Trade agreement, Free trade, Greta Thunberg, In 2019, Time Magazine's
Person of the Year was not a
woman at all, but a teen!
At age 15, Greta was the
start of a world-wide 
student strike to save the
environment. She has been
added to Forbes' 100 Most
Powerful Women, and has
received two nominations
for the Nobel Peace Prize.
So never think you are too
young to make a difference!
17. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Graphic design, Design, Graphics, Line, Turquoise, Poster, Blue, Point, Handwriting, CHALLENGE!, Kathleen Oldham Kelsey
Cicilia Payne
Frida Kahlo
Ida B. Wells
Agatha Christie
Alta Weiss
Amelia Earhart
Fran Bibs, Betty Jennings,
  Ruth Lichterman, Betty
  Snyder, Kay McNulty,
  and Marilyn Wescoff, Malala Yousafzai
Rhonda Rousey
Peggy Whitson
Kat Gunn
Whitney Wolfe
Michelle Obama
Amal Clooney
Christiane Amanpour
J.K. Rowling, Or search the internet for "Time's 100 
Women of the Year" for more ideas.

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