Activity Content:

1. Questions: Illustration, Animal, Canidae, Dog, Animal figure, Puppy, Clip art, Mammal, Dog breed, Product, Cartoon, Graphics, Bovine, Fawn, Human, Human behavior, Dairy cow, Snout, Scrapbooking, -Ellen Weber, 2020
2. Questions: Illustration, Animal, Fauna, Livestock, Dog, Puppy, Clip art, Vertebrate, Mammal, Cartoon, Animated cartoon, Bovine, Character, Fawn, Goats, Snout, Working animal, Pattern M
3. Questions: Organism, Illustration, Animal, Computer, Clip art, Mammal, Cartoon, Line, Wallpaper, Fiction, Character, Fish, Food chain, Marine biology, Bony-fish, Chain, Coral reef fish, Goldfish, Fin, food chain clip art
4. Questions: Illustration, Animal, Packaged goods, Design, Green, Carnivore, Cat, Clip art, Cartoon, Yellow, Product design, Angle, Whiskers, Kitten, Felidae, Small to medium-sized cats, Black cat, Bombay
5. Questions: Illustration, Art, Animal, Clip art, Cartoon, Toy, Animated cartoon, Drawing, stock.xchng, Gift, Zazzle, Brown bear, Brown, Bear, Portable Network Graphics, Balloon, T-shirt, Teddy bear, Giant panda
6. Questions: Illustration, Animal, Tail, Meter, Carnivore, Cat, Clip art, Cartoon, Fiction, Character, Whiskers, Kitten, Felidae, Small to medium-sized cats, Tabby cat
7. Questions: Illustration, Animal, Hat, Animal figure, Clip art, Mammal, Cartoon, Bear, T-shirt, Shirt, Whiskers, Halloween costume, Costume, Hoodie, Teddy bear
8. Questions: Font, Illustration, Art, Animal, Tail, Fauna, Cat, Clip art, Mammal, Horse, Cartoon, Fictional character, Drawing, Animation, Carnivores, Dinosaur, Turtle, Amphibians
9. Questions: Font, Illustration, Mammal, Product, Cartoon, Person, Character, Games, Human, Behavior, Human behavior, Recreation, Stairs, Obstacle race, Hurdling, Hurdle
10. Questions: Illustration, Animal, Design, Tail, Carnivore, Cat, Clip art, Product, Cartoon, Wallpaper, Product design, Whiskers, Kitten, Felidae, Small to medium-sized cats, Black cat, Asian, Bombay
11. Questions: Illustration, Animal, Wildlife, Tail, Meter, Canidae, Dog, Carnivore, Cat, Clip art, Mammal, Cartoon, Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus, Tiger, Paw, Big cat, Pattern M
12. Questions: Font, Illustration, Animal, Design, Meter, Product, Cartoon, Product design, Food, Brown bear, Bear, Teddy bear
13. Questions: Text, Illustration, Design, Clip art, Cartoon, Line, Pink M, Human, Behavior, Human behavior, Organ, winx club, Parents, remember to limit screen time to one hour 
or less a day (including TV) for children ages 2-5, 
per the American Academy of Pediatrics. 
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