Activity Content:

1. Reading: Illustration, Art, Packaged goods, Graphic design, TinyTap Ltd., Educational game, Education, Image, Clip art, Pattern, Cartoon, Yellow, Graphics, Line, Orange, Wallpaper, Jigsaw Puzzle, Fruit, Product design, Puzzle, Puzzle video game, נצא לטיול
2. Puzzle: Illustration, Moths and butterflies, Graphic design, Design, TinyTap Ltd., Educational game, Meter, Image, Clip art, Pattern, Graphics, Line, Text messaging, Jigsaw Puzzle, Purple, Puzzle, Symmetry, Petal, Wing, M / 0d, Butterfly, Moth, Picture puzzle, Butterflies
3. Puzzle: Text, Font, Illustration, TinyTap Ltd., Educational game, Meter, Image, Pattern, Yellow, Graphics, Line, Jigsaw Puzzle, Tree, Plant, lighting, Fruit, Leaf, Puzzle, Petal, Sunflower, M-tree, Commodity, Common sunflower, Sunflower seed, Picture puzzle
4. Puzzle: Text, Illustration, Art, Meter, Image, Pattern, Cartoon, Plant, lighting, Leaf, Paper, Angle, Christmas Day, Area, Party, Triangle, Produce, Watermelon, Cone, Melon, Citrullus, M-tree, Craft, Printing, Santa Claus, Christmas card, Christmas tree, Christmas ornament, Christmas decoration, Ded Moroz, Christmas and holiday season, handicraft, easy paper craft for christmas, Paper craft, Little Christmas, Paper model, christmas activities for kids with paper, christmas crafts to print out, Phoem Toem, print out christmas activities, Christmas Activity Book for Kids Mazes Dot to Dot Spot the Difference Plus Coloring and More: Christ, Fun Christmas, Christmas film, Holiday Christmas Eve
5. Puzzle: Art, Design, Green, Meter, Clip art, Pattern, Graphics, Line, Text messaging, Circle, lighting, Leaf, Point, Floral design, Symmetry, Science, Area, Petal, Plants, Plant structure
6. Puzzle: Font, Illustration, Green, Meter, Pattern, Cartoon, Line, Circle, Plant, Fruit, Word, Leaf, Letter, YouTube, Red, Puzzle, Point, Learning, Icon, Area, Computer Science, Flag, Colorfulness, Information technology, E-Learning, 4 Pics 1 Word, 2292, Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitet, NTNU, Canal, Department of Informatics, .it
7. Puzzle: Illustration, Art, Hat, TinyTap Ltd., Educational game, Education, Computer, Meter, Stock photography, Image, Clip art, lion, Vector graphics, Pattern, Cartoon, Yellow, Line, Orange, Circle, Photography, Wallpaper, Jigsaw Puzzle, Drawing, Shutterstock, Carnivores, M, Puzzle, Line art, Sunflower, Sketch, Coloring book, Big cats, Doodle, נצא לטיול, Decca Records

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