Activity Content:

1. Questions: Text, Organism, Illustration, Animal, Wildlife, Fauna, Clip art, Mammal, Horse, Pattern, Cartoon, Giraffe, Adaptation, Bovine, Poster, Giraffidae, Recreation, Dairy cow
2. Puzzle: Organism, Illustration, Art, Animal, TinyTap Ltd., Educational game, Vertebrate, Cartoon, Person, Fiction, Word, Games, Letter, Language, Water, Water resources, Recreation, ه, Leisure, Spelling, ي, حرف ينطق ولا يكتب
3. Puzzle: Illustration, Animal, TinyTap Ltd., Educational game, Education, Canidae, Dog, Sporting Group, Cartoon, Letter, تصنيف الكائنات الحية, د, ا
4. Puzzle: Organism, Illustration, Art, Animal, TinyTap Ltd., Educational game, Green, Clip art, Vertebrate, Cartoon, Graphics, Person, Fictional character, Fiction, Plant, Letter, Copyright infringement, Spelling, Jungle Jigsaw Puzzle
5. Puzzle: Animal, Hat, Clip art, Cartoon, Stationery, Animated cartoon, Flightless bird, Bird, Fictional character, Beak, Zazzle, Penguin, File folder, Ballpoint pen, Zarzaquemada, Estación de Zarzaquemada, Office & School Supplies, Visiting card
6. Puzzle: Organism, Illustration, Art, Animal, Green, Meter, Clip art, Product, Cartoon, Graphics, Happiness, Fictional character, Grass, Fiction, Plant, Human behavior, Recreation, Flower, Flowering plant, Produce
7. Puzzle: Illustration, Animal, Wildlife, Livestock, Meter, Mammal, Sheep, Cartoon, Fictional character, Grass, Bovine, Cow-goat family, Dairy cattle, Goat, Dairy, Goats, Goat-antelope, Ox, Bull
8. Puzzle: Organism, Illustration, Animal, TinyTap Ltd., Educational game, Education, Clip art, Cartoon, Fictional character, Grass, Fiction, Letter, Carnivores, تصنيف الكائنات الحية, ا
9. Puzzle: Font, Illustration, Animal, Green, Cartoon, Flightless bird, Grass, Grassland, Beak, Duck, Meadow, Lawn, Pasture, Field, Grasses, Fence, Common ostrich, Home fencing, Ostriches
10. Puzzle: Organism, Illustration, TinyTap Ltd., Educational game, Education, Green, Cartoon, Person, Animated cartoon, Happy, Fictional character, Fiction, Tree, Letter, Copyright infringement, Comics, Fun, Clock, Jungle Jigsaw Puzzle
11. Puzzle: Illustration, Green, Clip art, Cartoon, Brand, Product design, Car, Transport, Mode of transport, Vehicle, Auto part, Tire, Wheel, Motor vehicle, Automotive wheel system, Automotive design, Compact car, Van
12. Questions: Font, Hat, Image, Cartoon, Person, Smile, Happy, Night, Joke, Facial expression, Glasses, Icon, Emoticon, Pleased, sleep, Morning, Good, Day, Wish, gut gelaunt durch den tag gute nacht, Funny, Parents, remember to limit screen time to no more than 1 hour a day for children ages 2-5, per the American Academy of Pediatrics. For more info, see

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