Activity Content:

1. Questions
2. Soundboard: One autumn day we took a trip
to a pumpkin patch,
checking all the pumpkins for
the perfect one to snatch.
3. Soundboard: We took it home, carved a face,
and put a light inside.
We set it out on our front porch.
Our hearts were filled with pride.
4. Soundboard: We went to bed, put out the light,
without a single care.
And when we woke up in the morning,
a different one was there!
5. Soundboard: We started to imagine
where ours was, and why.
But then we asked the question,
"What do pumpkins do at night?"
6. Soundboard: Maybe they have races,
rolling down the hill.
Bumping into each other
gives them such a thrill.
7. Soundboard: Maybe they play hide 'n' seek
all through the neighborhood.
Under porches, behind trees,
any place is good!
8. Soundboard: Maybe they go bowling
long after it gets dark,
knocking down a stack of 
pinecones in the local park.
9. Soundboard: Maybe they go dancing, 
spinning round and round,
then sip some apple cider
while sitting on the ground.
10. Soundboard: I think they tell ghost stories
gathered round the fire,
then say goodnight, and head 
for home, feeling very tired.
11. Soundboard: All along the darkened streets,
it's hard to find their way
back to their own front porch
before the light of day.
12. Soundboard: Sure enough, as I searched
our street all up and down,
our neighbor came to pay a visit. 
Our pumpkin had been found!
13. Puzzle

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