Activity Content:

1. Questions: Listening for
2. Soundboard: Rounded and open
Pushed forward, Say "eee", feel the sides of the tongue
touch the upper back teeth. Then pull 
back the tongue tip to make a little bowl 
with your tongue, like the spoon., Lips                     Tongue
3. Puzzle: w  ag, r  ag
4. Puzzle: w  on, r  un
5. Puzzle: r  ail, w  hale
6. Puzzle: w  aiste, r  aced
7. Puzzle: w  eed, r  ead
8. Puzzle: w, r
9. Puzzle: l  ake, r  ake
10. Puzzle: l  ock, r  ock
11. Puzzle: l  amb, r  am
12. Puzzle: r  ight, l  ight
13. Puzzle: r  ead, l  ead
14. Puzzle: r, l
15. Questions
16. Soundboard: R/W
rag / wag
rail / whale
raced / waist
run / won
read / weed, R/L
rake / lake
rock / lock
ram / lamb
right / light
read / lead, Word Lists
17. Puzzle

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