Activity Content:

1. Reading: TinyTap Ltd., Education, Fictional character, lighting, Word, Vocabulary, Letter, English Language, School, Puzzle, Hebrew Language, Egg, What Comes Out of an Egg?
2. Questions: Stock photography, Image, Photograph, Photography, Spring, Plant, Squash, Fruit, Vegetable, Winter squash, Food, Royalty-free, Plastic, Natural foods, Vegan nutrition, Local food, Produce, Cucumber, Winter melon, Chroma key, Summer squash
3. Questions: Illustration, Packaged goods, Stock photography, Image, Photograph, Drinkware, Photography, Dairy, lighting, Tableware, Bottle, Plastic, Cup, Plastic bottle, Tea, Coffee cup, Rights Managed, Teacup, Coffee
4. Questions: Yellow, Orange, Plant, Fruit, Word, Food, Language, Vegetarian food, Natural foods, Finance, Security, Mandarin orange, Clementine, Citrus, Tangelo, Lemon, Margin, Meyer lemon, When life gives you lemons, make lemonade
5. Questions: Font, Stock photography, Image, Photograph, Toy, Technology, Photography, Fictional character, Royalty-free, Download, Plastic, Auto part, Machine, Can Stock Photo, Robot, Electronic component, Cyborg, Royalty payment
6. Questions: Illustration, Stock photography, Image, Toy, Photography, Royalty-free, Blue, Management, Red, Balloon, Party supply, Heart, Project management, Fotolia, red among blue, Creative Source, Blauer Ballon
7. Questions: Font, Design, Meter, Product, Text messaging, Furniture, Product design, Red, Plastic, Table, Chair, Table M Lamp Restoration
8. Questions: Illustration, Green, Stock photography, Image, Photography, Plant, Fruit, Food, Royalty-free, Shutterstock, Close-up, Superfood, Produce, Kiwifruit, Hardy kiwi, Kiwi, Actinidia chinensis, Fond blanc
9. Questions: Illustration, Stock photography, Image, Photograph, Yellow, Graphics, Orange, Photography, Fruit, Food, Royalty-free, Shutterstock, Download, Vegetarian food, Dreamstime
10. Questions: Logo, Plant, Fruit, Food, Creativity, advertising campaign, Natural foods, Superfood, Vegan nutrition, Business, Local food, Web banner, Produce, Marketing, Printing, Whole food, Greengage, print ads von restorff, Von Restorff effect, Advertising agency, Native advertising, Corporate identity, Letterhead
11. Questions: Packaged goods, Pattern, Product, Circle, Red, Material property, material, Metal, Cylinder, Carmine, Pipe, Solar mass
12. Questions: Illustration, Stock photography, Image, Photograph, lighting, Light, Drawing, Turquoise, Royalty-free, Idea, Light bulb, Incandescent light bulb, Compact fluorescent lamp
13. Questions: Stock photography, Cloud, Sky, lighting, Light, Royalty-free, Blue, Business, Light bulb, Incandescent light bulb, Law, Light fixture, estate, Compact fluorescent lamp, Fluorescent lamp, get curious, Curiosity, Fischer & Fischer, P.C., Lawyer, Intellectual property
14. Questions: Illustration, Education, Stock photography, Pattern, Orange, Circle, Plant, Fruit, Mathematics, Shutterstock, Management, Aqua, Business, Citrus, Citric acid, Rangpur, you don t fit, Oy Hobby Hall Ab, You Don't Fit
15. Questions: Illustration, Stock photography, Image, Vector graphics, Photography, Plant, Royalty-free, Shutterstock, White, Euclidean vector, Flower, Wildflower, Petal, Flowering plant, Groundcover, Jasmine
16. Questions: Animal, Vertebrate, Terrestrial animal, Sales, Flightless bird, Bird, Adaptation, Penguin, Management, Job, Industry, Business, Publishing, Strategy, Marketing, Emperor penguin, King penguin, one is not like the others, Personality test, Pharmaceutical marketing, Unique selling proposition, Leadership
17. Questions: Illustration, Stock photography, Image, Product, Photography, Royalty-free, Shutterstock, Headgear, Tableware, Glass, Fashion accessory, Plastic, Sphere, Fun with Plastic

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