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1. Questions: -Ellen Weber, 2019
2. Questions: I had a little wagon, 
as red as it could be.
I asked my little sister 
to come and play with me.
3. Questions: We pulled it up 
a great big hill, 
up to the very top.
And took off just 
a bit too fast,
my sister yelling, 
4. Questions: We ran into my brother.
He flipped up in the air
and landed right behind us,
looking very scared.
5. Questions: My mother tried to stop us,
but was a bit too slow.
How she landed in with us,
I will never know!
6. Questions: My father heard us yelling
and came to help us out.
But when the wagon hit him,
he landed with a shout. (Ouch!)
7. Questions: My Grandpa was out running.
It is his greatest pride.
And when he landed in the wagon,
he yelled, "WOO! What a ride!"
8. Reading: And then we saw my Grandma.
I'm still in disbelief.
She chased the wagon
down the hill, yelling ...
9. Questions: Hey, wait
up for me!
10. Questions

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