Activity Content:

1. Soundboard: Tell, Parent
Portal, -Ellen Weber, 2019, Don't Tell, Or, I know when to ...
2. Soundboard: How
3. Soundboard: 1. Download the story
    onto your tablet. (Not
    a phone). When it 
    starts playing, tap on 
    the X in the corner., 2. Swipe right, then tap
    on the three dots., 3. Select the editor pencil
    to enter Edit mode and 
    make your changes., 4. Import your child's
    photo to add to a page by tapping on
    the camera tool and taking a photo 
    or importing from album., NEXT, How to personalize this story ...
4. Soundboard: Note: You can make your customized social story available on all of your devices and to share with all of the child's family members, teachers, babysistters, etc. by uploading it to the TinyTap cloud., Don't forget to change the name, or it
will not let you save something you didn't author. Be careful about using confidential
info in the title, like their full name., Start
5. Soundboard: I want to play with 
the other kids, but 
sometimes things 
happen that make 
me upset.
6. Soundboard: I want to tell Mom or 
the teacher, but I know
there are times when I
should handle it myself.
7. Soundboard: There are BIG 
problems that need 
an adult to help., And there are little
problems that do
not need an adult.
8. Soundboard: A BIG problem is when I or 
someone else is sick, hurt,  ..., ... or in danger.
9. Soundboard: If telling an adult will
get that person help,
then I know I should
tell an adult.
10. Soundboard: But I know that running
to tell an adult about all
the little things is called
tattling. I don't want to 
be a tattletale.
11. Soundboard: I know I can use my
nice words to try to
solve most of the 
little problems.
12. Soundboard
13. Soundboard: I know that I can zip
my lips and not say
anything if it is not
my business.
14. Soundboard
15. Soundboard: I only tell an adult if 
it is a BIG problem
that needs an adult to
help, like someone is 
sick, hurt, or in danger.
16. Soundboard
17. Soundboard: I know telling an adult
to get help is a good
thing. Tattling to get
someone else in trouble
is not. Nobody likes a
tattletale. It's a way of
being mean to others.
18. Soundboard: I want friends to play
with, so I will not be 
mean to them and 
tattle all the time.
19. Soundboard: So I only tell adults
about BIG problems,
like someone is sick,
hurt, or in danger.
20. Soundboard: EXIT
21. Questions

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