Activity Content:

1. Soundboard: -Ellen Weber, 2019, A Game
About Tattling, SQUEAL, Or, No Squeal?, Parent
2. Soundboard
3. Soundboard
4. Questions
5. Soundboard
6. Questions
7. Questions: I'm telling the
teacher you
won't share., Hey, guys. You've
been on there a 
long time. May I 
have a turn now?
8. Questions
9. Questions: Teacher, Marci 
cut her finger., Teacher, Marci's
making a mess
on the floor.
10. Questions
11. Questions
12. Questions
13. Questions: Kevin wrecked
his bike!, Kevin fell off
his bike and
hurt his leg.
14. Questions
15. Questions: Eric, you should
have ducked., Leave him alone.
We don't like
bullies here.
16. Questions
17. Questions: If I play your game
now, can we play
my game later?, Teacher, I
don't like 
that game!
18. Questions
19. Questions: Mom, Joey's
throwing rocks
at people!, Where can
I hide?
20. Puzzle
21. Soundboard

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