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1. Soundboard: Tattling
Tina, Parent Portal, -Ellen Weber, 2019
2. Soundboard: Just for Parents ..., Tattling actually begins quite early in childhood, and sometimes becomes a problem when children are in a setting around a lot of other children, like when they begin school. Their tattling can impact their ability to make and keep friends, and learning to control tattling is a critical social skill for young children. Most kids tattle because they are not sure how to handle the problem on their own, or to control the actions of others. Practice in what to say and do in various situations can be very helpful. To that end, I have created a collection of tattling activities which you can check out on the last page., Other Resources:
3. Questions
4. Questions: MONDAY
5. Soundboard: TUESDAY
6. Soundboard
7. Questions: WEDNESDAY
8. Soundboard: THURSDAY
9. Reading
10. Soundboard: Tell            Don't tell
11. Soundboard: Should I tell?, Is someone hurt, sick,
or in danger?, Is this my business, or am
I just trying to control others?, Is telling going to get help?
12. Soundboard: FRIDAY
13. Soundboard
14. Reading
15. Questions
16. Questions
17. Questions
18. Questions
19. Video
20. Soundboard: An interactive story
about a little girl who
tattles all the time 
and loses her friends., Play this fun game 
to see if you know 
when to tell an adult., This is a social story
about tattling that you
can personalize for
a specific child., A fun puzzle type
game to decide 
when to tell or not 
tell an adult.

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