Activity Content:

1. Questions: Illustration, Green, Clip art, Vertebrate, Product, Cartoon, Person, Happiness, Fictional character, Logo, Human, Footwear, Human behavior, Recreation, -Ellen Weber, 2019, Following Directions
2. Reading: Text, Font, Organism, Illustration, Design, Green, Meter, Luggage & bags, Product, Line, Grass, lighting, Product design, Angle, Build a Leprechaun trap!, 1. Get everything you need ...
3. Questions: Font, Illustration, Green, Clip art, Cartoon, Circle, Tree, Plant, lighting, Leaf, Animation, M-tree, Amphibians, tree clip art
4. Questions: Font, Illustration, Design, Product, Cartoon, Furniture, Product design, Angle, Games, Wood, /m/083vt, Container, Box, Carton, barrel
5. Soundboard: Illustration, Art, Design, Computer, Clip art, Product, Wallpaper, Leaf, Product design, M, Footwear, Shoe, Flower, Mushroom, Teapot
6. Puzzle: Font, Illustration, Design, Green, Product, Cartoon, Rectangle, Furniture, Product design, Angle, Tableware, Table, Rectangle M, Desk, Teapot
7. Puzzle: Text, Font, Organism, Design, Meter, Luggage & bags, Product, Line, Rectangle, lighting, Product design, Angle, Table, Wood, /m/083vt, Table M Lamp Restoration, Woodworking, Compost, green monster, 1                         2                        3, 2. Put the trap together.
8. Soundboard: Font, Illustration, Clip art, Line, Brand, Person, Logo, Human, Behavior, Human behavior, Rock, rock clipart, 3. Hide and wait for a leprechaun.
9. Questions: Pattern, Line, Rectangle, Furniture, Product design, Floor, Jean Sport Aviation Center, Flooring, Footwear, Wood, Hardwood, Varnish, Plywood, Wood stain, Plank, Lumber
10. Questions: Font, Illustration, Hat, Green, Computer, Cartoon, Person, Wallpaper, Animated cartoon, Fictional character, Clothing, Animation, M, Footwear, Mascot, Leprechaun, Saint Patrick's Day, funny leprechaun
11. Soundboard: Green, Meter, Clip art, Cartoon, Tree, Leaf, Play M Entertainment, M-tree, shamrock, Clover, borders clip art
12. Soundboard: Text, Illustration, computer wallpaper, Sticker, Yellow, Graphics, Wallpaper, GIF, Restaurant, Giphy, Shoe, Dragon
13. Reading: Illustration, Art, Hat, Moths and butterflies, Graphic design, Graphics, Fictional character, Darkness, Purple, Animation, Sleeping Beauty, The Walt Disney Company, Bat, Walt Disney Pictures, Cg artwork, Dragon, Fantasy, Maleficent, Prince Phillip, sleeping beauty maleficent dragon
14. Reading: Illustration, Packaged goods, Green, Image, Graphics, Fictional character, Grass, Plant, GIF, Animation, Birthday, Wish, Saint Patrick's Day, Four-leaf clover, animated happy st patrick's day

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