Activity Content:

1. Reading: -Ellen Weber, 2019
2. Reading: Illustration, Art, Animal, TinyTap Ltd., Educational game, Education, Clip art, Cartoon, Graphics, Teacher, Picture frame, Person, Animated cartoon, Fictional character, Fiction, Room, Letter, Copyright infringement, Copyright, Conversation, و, Social studies
3. Soundboard
4. Soundboard: Illustration, Art, Design, Meter, Clip art, Product, Cartoon, Line, Fictional character, Icon
5. Soundboard: Font, Illustration, Animal, Meter, Product, Cartoon, Line, Rectangle, Fictional character, Games, Pink, Icon, Pattern M
6. Soundboard: Text, Font, Design, TinyTap Ltd., Cartoon, Fictional character, Earrings, Copyright infringement, Copyright, Intellectual property infringement, Antonym, Tool
7. Soundboard
8. Reading: Illustration, Hat, Meter, Clip art, Vertebrate, Cartoon, Nose, Person, Cheek, Wallpaper, Animated cartoon, Happy, Fictional character, Character, Human, Human behavior, Pleased, Interaction, Love My Life
9. Reading: Illustration, Art, Meter, Clip art, Vertebrate, Product, Cartoon, Child, Animated cartoon, Fictional character, Pillow, Fiction, Character, Pink M, Character Created By, Pattern M
10. Reading: Text, Illustration, Art, Graphic design, Image, Cartoon, Person, Animated cartoon, Fictional character, GIF, Clothing, Internet meme, Comics, Christmas Day, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Peanuts, Comic strip, charlie brown christmas gifs, Sally Brown, Parents, don't forget that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting your child's screen time (including TV) to no more than one hour a day for kids ages 2-5 years. For more info, see

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