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1. Questions: Text, Illustration, Design, Flightless bird, Fictional character, Poster, Christmas Day, Greeting card, T-shirt, Snowman, RC České Budějovice, Our Calendar
2. Questions: Illustration, Animal, Stock photography, Image, Pattern, Photography, Logo, Royalty-free, Download, Earrings, Snow, Can Stock Photo, Royalty payment
3. Questions: Text, Illustration, Meter, Pattern, Line, Brand, Logo, Number, Point, 2D barcode, Snowflake
4. Questions: Text, Font, Illustration, Art, Animal, Mammal, Pattern, Cartoon, cloudM New York Bowery, Line, Wallpaper, Character, M
5. Soundboard: Font, Illustration, Animal, Mammal, Product, Cartoon, Line, Wallpaper, Flightless bird, Character, Logo, Birds
6. Questions: Font, Illustration, Computer, Meter, Cartoon, Wallpaper, Flightless bird, Bird, Penguin, M
7. Soundboard: Illustration, Animal, Clip art, Product, Cartoon, Toy, Line, Wallpaper, Flightless bird, Bird, Duck, Penguin, M, cartoon duck outline
8. Questions: Illustration, Animal, Design, Clip art, Product, Flightless bird, Fictional character, Product design, Number, Media, Snowman, Holiday ornament, Relation, Birds, DR
9. Soundboard: Font, Illustration, Design, Clip art, Product, Wallpaper, Flightless bird, Fictional character, Logo, Product design, M, Snowman, Birds
10. Questions: Organism, Illustration, Art, Animal, Tail, Fauna, Animal figure, Clip art, Cartoon, Toy, Giraffe, Carnivores, Reindeer, Deer, Animal figurine, Orange S.A.
11. Soundboard: Font, Illustration, Animal, Clip art, Product, Cartoon, Wallpaper, Fiction, Character, Logo, Reindeer, Deer
12. Questions: Text, Font, Illustration, Design, Meter, Product, Cartoon, Line, Product design, Angle, Earrings, Point
13. Soundboard: Text, Font, Illustration, Design, Meter, Product, Cartoon, Brand, Logo, Product design, Earrings, Point
14. Soundboard: Illustration, Art, Clip art, Vertebrate, Product, Cartoon, Line, Person, Wallpaper, Animated cartoon, Happy, Happiness, Fictional character, Fiction, Character, Animation, Human, Human behavior, Gesture, Fun, Skip
15. Questions: Illustration, Animal, Clip art, Line, Brand, Flightless bird, Fictional character, Character, Logo, Christmas Day, Holiday, Birds
16. Questions: Font, Illustration, Meter, Product, Cartoon, Fiction, Character, Games, Point, Ornament, Snowman, Holiday ornament, Character Created By
17. Questions: Font, Illustration, Animal, Design, Product, Cartoon, Flightless bird, Christmas Day, Santa Claus, Snowman, Birds
18. Soundboard: Illustration, Image, Clip art, Vector graphics, Cartoon, Graphics, Person, Book, Fictional character, Download,, E-book, spot the 5 difference
19. Soundboard: Illustration, Hat, Stock photography, Image, Photograph, Clip art, Vector graphics, Cartoon, Person, Photography, Fictional character, Drawing, Royalty-free, winter sports find the differences
20. Reading: Font, Illustration, Art, Animal, Hat, Computer, Meter, Cartoon, Wallpaper, Fictional character, Fiction, Character, M, Snowman

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