Activity Content:

1. Questions: Find the Differences
2. Soundboard: 2 Ways to Play!, Tap on the bottom
picture where there
is something different
from the top picture. 
Use your words to tell
your partner what is
different. Take turns 
finding all 10. Tap on
the magnifying glass for 
hints, or thumbs up
when you are finished., Look for what is 
different between the 
2 pictures. Describe 
one difference to your
partner, and they must 
find it from your 
description and tap on it 
in the bottom picture.
Take turns until all 10 
differences have been 
found for each page.
3. Soundboard
4. Soundboard
5. Soundboard
6. Soundboard
7. Soundboard
8. Soundboard
9. Reading

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