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1. Questions: Created by Ellen Weber, 2018
2. Soundboard: Directions, Or, NOTE: This is not set up to generate a score. It is not recommended to assign this as individual practice without having a listening buddy to help determine if speech is correct., If student can say each /s/ blend word correctly, you can turn down the sound and have them read each page to practice their speech at reading level., Or, Have student tap on each /s/ blend, listen to the word, then practice saying the word with good speech. The yellow star will indicate if they found the blends., Have students tap on each pair of rhyming words. 
The red stars will indicate if they found the correct words., START
3. Soundboard: This is the story of
Squirrely and Squeak,
two furry sisters. 
Let's sneak a peek., 5, 3
4. Soundboard: Sisters as different as night and day.
But Squirrely and Squeak both love to play., 3, 2
5. Soundboard: One sits like a
squirrel, so that's
her name now.
The other one 
squeaks when
trying to meow., 2         2
6. Soundboard: Squirrely is loud,
but not so with Squeak.
There is barely a sound when she tries to speak., Squeak!, 3, 2
7. Soundboard: Squeak is much bigger,
she reaches so high!
But Squirrely's much faster
as she speeds by., 4, 2
8. Soundboard: Squeak is all black with
the softest of fur,
but Squirrely's the one
with the loudest purr., 4, 2
9. Soundboard: Squirrely's the
sporty one, a real
frisbee champ.

Squeak likes to 
sleep all day
under a lamp., 4, 2
10. Soundboard: Squirrely is brave.
She'll pounce in a flash.
Squeak's always sweet,
always sharing her stash., 4, 2
11. Soundboard: There is no doubt
they'd be there
on the double,
if either one
spotted her sister
in trouble., 2, 2
12. Soundboard: Oh the lessons we learn
from two special cats.
We should always treat
brothers and sisters like that!, 2, 2
13. Reading: The                    End, Many thanks to my collaborators, Squirrely and Squeak. Names changed to protect the innocent.

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