Activity Content:

1. Questions: Created by Ellen Weber, EdS, CCC-SLP 2018
2. Questions
3. Soundboard: EXIT, Vocabulary, Be a word
detective!, Spelling, Sentence
4. Questions: A. strong, C. smooth,
coordinated, B. fastest
  running, Turk was the most graceful bird on the farm.
5. Questions: A. first               B. strongest, C. smallest/
weakest, Most litters of cats or dogs that are born have one that is the "runt". They often do not live very long.
6. Questions: Carloads of people came to pick apples in the orchard in September., A. a group of 
     fruit trees, B. Autumn/Fall, C. gather
7. Questions: Folks arrived to choose plump, 
orange pumpkins., A. ripe, B. fat, C. free
8. Questions: "He's an athlete," said Turk's father., A. trained for
      sports, B. very smart, C. the oldest
9. Questions: "Chosen to be roasted and 
basted!" said Runt., A. washed, B. cooked with
     juice added, C. given too
much to eat
10. Reading
11. Puzzle: r   u   n   t
12. Puzzle: p   l   u   m   p, 1                                                                           2
13. Puzzle: b   a   s   t   e   d
14. Puzzle: a   t   h   l   e   t   e, 1                          2, 1                                                       2
15. Puzzle: o   r   c   h   a   r   d, 1                                                         2
16. Puzzle: g   r   a   c   e   f   u   l
17. Reading
18. Puzzle
19. Puzzle: The lady         is shopping        dinner.
20. Puzzle
21. Puzzle: Who               is doing             where, The girl          is standing          under
                                                        the tree.
22. Puzzle: The lady          is running        away from
23. Puzzle: The turkeys      are hiding        inside the
24. Puzzle
25. Reading: Check out all of the Turk & Runt
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Word Knowledge
Narrative Skills
WH Questions
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