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1. Questions: Illustration, Packaged goods, Clip art, Vector graphics, Graphics, Bird, Galliformes, Turkey, Holiday, Thanksgiving, Turkey meat, Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday, happy thanksgiving we will be closed, THANKSGIVING DAY (WE WILL BE CLOSED), Eston's Bakery, @ Thanksgiving, FINDING DIFFERENT
2. Questions: Illustration, Art, Hat, Meter, Clip art, Cartoon, Text messaging, Headgear
3. Questions: Design, Clip art, Product, Product design, Food, Cuisine, Dish, Fast food, Baked goods, Meal, Mitsui cuisine M, Baking, Cake decorating supply, Orange S.A., Baking cup, Fast Food "M", Muffin, Bake sale
4. Questions: Illustration, Packaged goods, Design, Meter, Clip art, Tree, Plant, Leaf, Floral design, Flowering plant, Orange S.A.
5. Questions: Illustration, Art, Clip art, Pattern, Product, Cartoon, Bird, Squash, Cuisine, Dish, Produce, Mitsui cuisine M, Thanksgiving
6. Questions: Illustration, Animal, Animal figure, Cat, Clip art, Mammal, Product, Cartoon, Animated cartoon, Cat-like, Human, Behavior, Human behavior, Organ
7. Questions: Pattern, Tree, Plant, Leaf, Flower, Botany, Autumn, Maple leaf, Plane, Black maple, Woody plant, Deciduous
8. Questions: Font, Illustration, Art, Fauna, Chicken, Meter, Cartoon, Text messaging, Bird, Beak, Galliformes, Turkey
9. Questions: Font, Illustration, Green, Meter, Text messaging, Tree, Plant, Leaf, Food, Botany, Plants, Branch, Plant stem, Arbor day, Flora, Plane
10. Questions: Illustration, Animal, Dog, Clip art, Mammal, Cartoon, Yellow, Graphics
11. Questions: Font, Illustration, Art, Stock photography, Image, Photograph, Clip art, Vector graphics, Graphics, Logo, Royalty-free, Illustrator, Holiday, Thanksgiving, thanksgiving bilder, Cici 2018

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