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1. Questions: Illustration, Art, Animal, Packaged goods, Clip art, Cartoon, Graphics, Child, Person, Happy, Bird, Human, Sharing, Human behavior, Mode of transport, Life, Dream, ما هو حلمك في المستقبل, Future, Existence, A Trip to the City, Playing I Spy, Cici Lampe, 2018
2. Questions: Font, Illustration, Art, Packaged goods, Design, Green, Meter, Product, Cartoon, Product design, Car, Transport, Mode of transport, Vehicle, Motor vehicle, Welcome      To The City
3. Questions: Illustration, Art, Green, Vector graphics, Pillow, House, Health, Square, Building, Physician, Real Estate, Fotosearch, Medicine, Urban design, Health Care, Hospital, Ambulance, paisaje con un hospital
4. Questions: Illustration, Stock photography, Image, Vector graphics, Cartoon, Yellow, Photography, Drawing, Royalty-free, Car, Transport, Euclidean vector, Mode of transport, Vehicle, Fotosearch, 1D barcode, License plate, Motor vehicle, Automotive design, Commercial vehicle, Truck driver
5. Questions: Illustration, Art, Graphic design, Stock photography, Image, Photograph, Cartoon, Graphics, Photography, Room, Games, Royalty-free, City, Mode of transport, Human settlement, Stock footage, Footage, Architecture, Fotosearch, Urban design, Toy vehicle
6. Questions: Illustration, Art, Animal, Design, Meter, Clip art, Product, Cartoon, Technology, Electronic device, Person, Fictional character, Fiction, Product design
7. Questions: Text, Illustration, Art, Graphic design, Cartoon, Person, Clothing, Square, Comics, Mode of transport, Play M Entertainment, Painting, Bicycle, Cycling, bisiklete binen Çocuk resmi
8. Questions: Illustration, Art, Animal, Meter, Clip art, Vertebrate, Cartoon, Bird, Fiction, Character, Games, Water, Character Created By, town square clip art
9. Questions: Illustration, Green, Meter, Clip art, Product, Cartoon, Graphics, Person, Fictional character, Fiction, Character, Clothing, Human, Behavior, Human behavior, Mode of transport
10. Questions: Font, Illustration, Art, Animal, Computer, Meter, Product, Cartoon, Wallpaper, Bovine, House, M, Play M Entertainment
11. Questions: Font, Illustration, Art, Graphic design, Meter, Cartoon, Line, House, Square, Building, Architecture, Location, Library, Facade, LinkedIn SlideShare, Town
12. Questions: Font, Illustration, Meter, Cartoon, Technology, Line, Games, Play M Entertainment, Residential area
13. Questions: Illustration, Stock photography, Stock illustration, Clip art, Vector graphics, Product, Cartoon, Yellow, Person, Car, Transport, Road, Mode of transport, Vehicle, Motor vehicle, Automotive design, Traffic, Ford Mustang, cars in road clipart, Road transport
14. Questions: Illustration, Art, Stock illustration, Image, Clip art, Cartoon, Games, Car, Transport, Portable Network Graphics, Vehicle, Passenger, Van, Minivan, 2018, Cici

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