Activity Content:

1. Questions: By Ellen Weber, 2018
2. Soundboard: For Teachers, Gr PreK-1, Read the
story, EXIT
3. Questions: Ask someone to read the story to you.
Tap the words to hear the story.
Read the story for yourself.

Don't forget to tap around on
the pages to explore!, Inspired by the Eve Bunting story, Scary Scary Halloween. 
Check on YouTube for the video, or Amazon for the book.
4. Soundboard
5. Soundboard: I close my eyes 
so I can't see
the ghost that's floating 
right past me.
6. Soundboard: A skeleton goes rattling by.
I dare not look him in the eye.
7. Soundboard: 3, 2, Two witches wearing
witchy hats
are too much for
this scaredy cat!, 1
8. Soundboard: I must get home and run inside,
the only place it's safe to hide.
9. Soundboard: A werewolf comes out, 
on the prowl.
He sees the moon 
and gives a howl.
10. Soundboard: Now here's a zombie,
the walking dead.
I just want to hide
under my bed!
11. Soundboard: A vampire flies in.
He was just a bat.
He'll drink your blood
just like that!
12. Soundboard: A great green goblin
goes rambling by.
I hope he doesn't see me.
Oh, my!
13. Soundboard: Stomp, stomp, stomp
go two big feet.
What is that monster
in the winding sheet?
14. Soundboard: Am I scary?
Did I make you scream?
Trick or treat,
it's Halloween!
15. Soundboard: They're going away!
I wasn't seen!
Goodbye monsters,
'til next Halloween.
16. Questions
17. Questions
18. Puzzle
19. Questions: fear, door, feet, year
20. Questions: hide, see, me, eyes
21. Questions: eye, boo, dare, by
22. Questions: hat, cat, witch, too
23. Questions: fear, bed, door, dead
24. Questions: hide, night, bed, inside
25. Reading
26. Questions: dread, ... fills us with dread and fear., A. a hair style

B. excited about something

C. feeling something bad is
     about to happen
27. Questions: floating, ... the ghost is floating
right past me., A. moving slowly through the air

B. crawling on the ground

C. an ice cream treat
28. Questions: A skeleton goes
rattling by ..., A. making the sound of bones
     knocking together

B. playing with a baby

C. scaring the cat, rattling
29. Questions: scaredy cat, ... is too much for
this scaredy cat!, A. a cat that is all bones

B. someone who is hungry

C. someone who is scared
30. Questions: prowl, A werewolf came 
out to prowl., A. sneak around, looking
    for something

B. sleep late

C. dance like crazy
31. Questions: rambling, A gobling goes 
rambling by ..., A. running

B. walking slowly

C. looking for something
32. Reading
33. Soundboard: Common Core Curriculum Standards, Kdg
CCSS ELA-Literacy.RF.K.2.A
CCSS ELA-Literacy.RL.K.1
CCSS ELA-Literacy.RL.K.2
CCSS ELA-Literacy.SL.K.2, 2nd grade
CCSS ELA-Literacy.RL.2.3
CCSS ELA-Literacy.RL.2.7
CCSS ELA-Literacy.RL.2.9* 
(*Compare to Scary Scary Halloween)
CCSS ELA-Literacy.L.2.4, Preschool Skills

Critical thinking: 
Discriminating fact from fiction,
real from make believe

Story comprehension:
Answer simple questions about
the story - who, what, where

Developing use of descriptive words

Identifying rhyming words (ages 4+), 3rd grade
CCSS ELA-Literacy.RL.3.9*
(*Compare/contrast with 
Scary Scary Halloween)
CCSS ELA-Literacy.L.3.4.A, 1st grade
CCSS ELA-Literacy.RL.1.1
CCSS ELA-Literacy.RL.1.6
CCSS ELA-LIteracy.SL.1.2
CCSS ELA-Literacy.L.1.4.A, MENU, EXIT
34. Reading

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