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1. Reading: Text, Font, Graphic design, Design, TinyTap Ltd., Meter, Product, Graphics, Brand, Skill, Word, Product design, Puzzle, Vehicle, Question, Fun, Tire, Quiz, Competition, Watch, Helmet, Automotive lighting, Automotive tail & brake light, horde zla, Cat & Mouse 2, יצאתי לטייל, What Goes Next?, • Transportation Puzzles, • Transportation Puzzles, • Transportation Puzzles, CARS, CARS, & MORE CARS, Cici Lampe, 2018
2. Puzzle: Font, Packaged goods, Design, Green, Computer, Meter, Luggage & bags, Pattern, Product, Orange, Wallpaper, Product design, M, Material property, Shoe, Orange S.A.
3. Puzzle: Font, Design, Product, Graphics, Screenshot, Brand, Wallpaper, Product design, Car, Transport, Mode of transport, Vehicle, Motor vehicle, Automotive design, Commercial vehicle, Automotive lighting, Train, Public transport, • Puzzle Pieces
4. Puzzle: Font, Packaged goods, Design, Meter, Pattern, Product, Brand, Rectangle, Orange, Product design, Red, Orange S.A., • Puzzle Pieces
5. Puzzle: Font, Illustration, Graphic design, Computer, Meter, Product, Wallpaper, Fictional character, Fiction, Character, Logo, M, T-shirt, Toy vehicle
6. Puzzle: Font, Design, Meter, Luggage & bags, Product, Technology, Electronic device, Multimedia, Brand, Fictional character, Product design, Gadget, Communication Device, Mobile phone, Portable communications device, iphone, Telephony, Electronics, Parking, , • Puzzle Pieces
7. Puzzle: Text, Graphic design, Design, computer wallpaper, TinyTap Ltd., Computer, Luggage & bags, Product, Graphics, Screenshot, Wallpaper, Skill, Word, Product design, Car, Puzzle, Icon, Vehicle, Fun, Motor vehicle, Quiz, Competition, Watch, Automotive design, Automotive lighting, Automotive tail & brake light, Icon Pro Audio Platform M+ Audio and MIDI Control Surface, Reading 3, Cat & Mouse 2, יצאתי לטייל, What Goes Next?
8. Questions: Font, Illustration, Animal, Design, Product, Cartoon, Yellow, Brand, Car, Vehicle, Motor vehicle, Japan, Rim, Automotive design, Compact car, Pray for Japan, tide goes in tide goes, goes in tide goes out, Thank you, For Playing!, Cici, 2018

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