Activity Content:

1. Questions: Text, Illustration, Packaged goods, TinyTap Ltd., Education, Clip art, Cartoon, Teacher, Technology, Line, Person, Vocabulary, School, Sharing, Quiz, Printing, Business card, Indonesian language, Entertainment, General knowledge, Long Xiaoyun, The Singing Walrus, Shapes Song, Learn ABCD, Tell Me About ..., Technology
2. Questions: Text, Font, Illustration, Design, Meter, Clip art, Pattern, Product, Cartoon, Line, Person, Circle, Point, Human, Parallel, Behavior, Human behavior, Mode of transport, Vehicle, Biology, Bicycle
3. Puzzle: Design, Computer, Meter, Technology, Multimedia, Text messaging, Furniture, Product design, Angle, Laptop, Table, Personal computer, Desktop computer, Output device, Computer keyboard, Desk, Computer desk, Stool, OfficeMax, computer, printer, mouse, tablet, cell
4. Puzzle: Illustration, Art, Meter, Cartoon, Screenshot, Line, Furniture, Fictional character, Room, Play M Entertainment, Cabinetry, Kitchen Appliance, refrigerator, stove, blender, microwave, toaster
5. Puzzle: Font, Illustration, Design, Image, Clip art, Vector graphics, Technology, Electronic device, Multimedia, Line, Brand, Furniture, Room, Product design, Angle, Games, Drawing, Royalty-free, Shutterstock, Presentation, Gadget, Cabinetry, Living room, Television, Interior Design Services, Display device, Fireplace, Lcd tv, tv room illustration, wall mounted fireplace, remote, lamp, video game, television, fireplace
6. Puzzle: Illustration, Meter, Product, Cartoon, Line, Picture frame, Person, Fictional character, Fiction, Games, Human, Behavior, Human behavior, Play M Entertainment, Home appliance, doctor, needle, ambulance, thermometer, scale
7. Puzzle: Illustration, Meter, Cartoon, Toy, House, Vehicle, Building, ladder, fire fighter, firetruck, firehouse, hose
8. Puzzle: Text, Illustration, Design, Clip art, Product, Cartoon, Yellow, Toy, Line, Brand, Product design, Angle, Transport, Road, Mode of transport, Vehicle, Machine, Motor vehicle, Truck, Public utility, Concrete mixer, Forklift truck, Moving, bob budowniczy, mixer, drill, hammer, screwdriver, saw, shovel
9. Puzzle: Illustration, Meter, Clip art, Pattern, Cartoon, Graphics, Screenshot, Line, Person, Mobile phone

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