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1. Questions: Organism, Illustration, Animal, Meter, Animal figure, Clip art, Product, Cartoon, Line, Turtle, “Same” Match, Cici Lampe, 2018
2. Puzzle: Font, Organism, Animal, Computer, Photograph, Wallpaper, Adaptation, stock.xchng, Mobile phone, Beach, Sand, Marine invertebrates, Starfish, Echinoderm, Sand Castle on the Beach, Starfish
3. Puzzle: Illustration, Meter, Cartoon, Toy, Child, Person, Fictional character, Fiction, Animation, people, Glasses, Recreation, Fun, Vacation, Summer, Sand, , Children, at the, Beach
4. Puzzle: Font, Illustration, Hat, Design, Meter, Product, Graphics, Circle, Product design, Headgear, Cap, Water, Clams
5. Puzzle: Font, Illustration, Packaged goods, Meter, Cartoon, Play, Person, Fictional character, Dairy, Food, Junk food, Water, Play M Entertainment, Dessert, Vacation, Summer, Bucket, Buckets
6. Puzzle: Font, Organism, Illustration, Animal, Wildlife, Computer, Clip art, Vertebrate, Cartoon, Line, Wallpaper, Fictional character, M, Fish, Orange S.A., anemone fish, Seashells
7. Puzzle: Text, Font, Illustration, Art, Packaged goods, Meter, Cartoon, Fictional character, Flip Flops
8. Puzzle: Font, Illustration, Animal, Water, Sea, Vacation, Summer, Turtle, Tortoise, Reptile, Sand, Sea turtle, Turtles
9. Puzzle: Illustration, Art, Meter, Vertebrate, Product, Cartoon, Child, Play, Person, Animated cartoon, Fiction, Water, Sharing, Recreation, Friendship, Fun, Vacation, Children, Happy
10. Puzzle: Font, Organism, Illustration, Animal, Meter, Cartoon, Fictional character, Vacation, Turtle, Amphibian, Frog, Sand, Crabs
11. Puzzle: Font, Illustration, Art, Animal, Meter, Mammal, Cartoon, Water bird, Drawing, Pink M, Animation, Snail, Organ, Snails and slugs, Molluscs, Birds, Hermit, Crabs
12. Puzzle: Illustration, Art, Meter, Clip art, Cartoon, Food, Vehicle, Boat, Rock, Sail, Sand, Castle, sand castle clip art, Sand art and play, Building sand castles, Sand, Castles
13. Puzzle: Font, Illustration, Art, Meter, Cartoon, Fictional character, Turquoise, Water, Play M Entertainment, Vacation, Sand, Crabs
14. Puzzle: Font, Illustration, Art, Meter, Clip art, Circle, Food, Water, Ocean, Vacation, Summer, Travel, Sand, Castle, sand castle clip art, Sand art and play, Sanddollars
15. Puzzle: Font, Organism, Illustration, Animal, Vertebrate, Cartoon, Wallpaper, Desktop computer, Mobile phone, Beach, Sand, Tablet computer, Seashells
16. Puzzle: Text, Illustration, Hat, Cartoon, Line, Child, Person, Fiction, Character, Pink M, Human, Behavior, Human behavior, Bye Bye, Thank You for Playing!, Cici, 2018,,

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