Activity Content:

1. Questions: H-h-h-i!
2. Reading: What is
3. Video
4. Soundboard: "Hi! Do you want 
to play soccer?", Repetitions:
Words, Prolongations
out a sound), Blocks
(Sounds getting
"stuck" and won't
come out)
5. Reading
6. Reading: What
7. Video
8. Reading
9. Reading
10. Reading: Stuttering
NOT ...
11. Questions
12. Questions: ... pyschological, Fluent speakers often become
more dysfluent when they are
nervous or under stress, so many
people believe a stutterer is shy, 
nervous, self-conscious, or even
lying and that is causing them to 
stutter. However, it is often the
result of the stuttering (or other
people's reactions to it), rather
than the cause.
13. Questions: ... lack of intelligence, Nils Lind, a psychologist who conducted a six-year study of 5,500 men, woman and children, found that stutterers outscored normal people on intelligence tests by an average of 22 points.

This point is illustrated in the 
fact that 62% of the world's 
wealthiest men and women, 
as well as 48% of college 
professors, have been stutterers.
14. Questions: ... from speaking too fast, Telling someone to slow down, 
think before they speak, or take 
a deep breath before they 
speak is not the least bit 
helpful. Their mouth is not 
working faster than their brain. 
Their attention is not on too many 
other things. A stutterer general 
knows quite well what they want to 
say, and how the words should go together. 
The message just doesn't make it to the 
speech center of the brain the way it should.
15. Questions: ... a bad habit, Stuttering is not a bad habit that the stutterer can just stop doing, like smoking or playing too many video games. It is out of their control that they stutter. They can learn to control it somewhat with therapy, and to reduce stressors that make it worse, but they cannot just choose to stop having a neurological condition that makes them a stutterer.
16. Questions: ... bad parenting, When a child stutters, it is not 
the parents' fault. They are not 
"too strict" or "not strict enough". 
It is not a "bad behavior" that 
parents should feel they must 
correct., Also, if one of the parents
stutters, their child does not
stutter because they are 
imitating them. If their child 
stutters, it is because they 
have inherited that neurological 
17. Questions: ... contagious, Stuttering is not like chicken pox. 
You cannot "catch it" by being 
around someone who stutters. If 
you start stuttering, it is because 
you also have the neurological 
condition that makes stuttering 
happen. Or you're just imitating 
them to be funny, but it's not funny. 
Stop it.
18. Reading: How can
we help?
19. Soundboard: In general ..., Listen to what they are
saying, not how they 
are saying it., Maintain natural eye
contact., Show them the same
respect you would want., Be patient while they
speak, especially when
they are on the phone., Do not interrupt them 
while they are speaking, 
say their words for them,
or tell them to relax or
slow down., Do not assume they are 
not capable of doing all 
the other things anyone
else can do.
20. Questions: Classroom                 Accommodations, • allow a longer response
       time for verbal responses

• speak to them in an
       unhurried manner

• for read-alouds or class
       presentations, allow them
       to go first, or do it before/
       after class privately

• provide alternatives for
       presentations, such as
       audio or video recording
       it in advance

• leave specific info for
       a substitute teacher, • expect the same quality
       and quantity of work as
       other students

• do not skip over them or
       excuse them from regular

• do not penalize a student
       who stutters when scoring
       a timed reading fluency
       assessment (i.e. DIBEL)

• discourage interruptions,
       teasing or bullying by
       being proactive - discuss
       what you can do with the
       student & speech therapist.
21. Reading: Your future's so bright,
You'll need to wear shades!
22. Questions: Great leaders who stuttered, Prince Albert II
Current ruler of
Monaco, Joseph Biden
Previous Vice President
of the United States, Winston Churchill
Prime Minister of 
England TWICE, King George VI
King of the United Kingdom
1936-1952, Guangxu
Emperor of China
1875-1908, Moses
Prophet and religious leader,
important to many religions
23. Questions: Aesop
Famous Greek storyteller
620-564 bce, Isaac Newton
English mathematician, astronomer,
physicist, and author. 1642-1727, Lewis Carroll
English writer, mathematician, 
logician, photographer. 1832-1898, Charles Darwin
Naturalist, geologist, biologist, father 
of evolutionary science. 1809-1882., Authors and Scientists
24. Questions: Sofie Gustafson
Ladies Professional
Golf Association
5-time winner. She 
has 21 wins in her
career internationally., Greg Louganis
Gold medal winning diver,1984 & 
1988 Summer Olympics. He is also 
an LGBT activist and author., Wilt Chamberland
Member of the 
famous Harlem 
Globetrotters. He
also won 4 MVP 
awards and 2 NBA 
Entered into the 
Basketball Hall of 
Fame in 1978., Tiger Woods
Among the most
successful and
highest paid 
golfers of all time.
He was ranked
no. 1 in the world
in 1997., Famous Athletes
25. Questions: Famous Performers, Bruce Willis
Actor, over 60 movies.
Has won an Emmy and 
Golden Globe awards., Julia Roberts
Actress and producer.
3 Golden Globe awards,
and Academy Award for
Best Actress., Nicole Kidman
Australian actress, producer, 
and singer. Recipient of 13 
acting awards., Emily Blunt
Award winning English
actress. Know for her role
in A Quiet Place, and the
Mary Poppins remake., Hugh Grant
Award-winning English
actor who got started
with a scholarship to
Oxford University., James Earl Jones
One of the greatest American
actors. He has won multiple 
Tony, Golden Globe, and 
Emmy awards.
26. Video: Ed Sheeran
English singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and 
actor. Multiple Grammy awards and number 1 hits.
27. Questions: Time to
What You
28. Questions: T       F, T       F, T       F, T       F, 1. A person can start stuttering 
because they spend too much time
around someone who stutters., 2. Boys are more likely to stutter
than girls., 3. Stress causes stuttering., 4. If someone in your family stutters,
you are sure to stutter as well.
29. Questions: T       F, T       F, T       F, T       F, 5. Speech therapy can help you learn
strategies to manage your stuttering., 6. Stuttering is caused by being shy
or nervous., 7. People who stutter are not as smart
as other people., 8. Stuttering is caused by the brain
not communicating well with the
speech mechanism.
30. Questions: T       F, T       F, T       F, T       F, 9. Everyone has some dysfluencies in 
their speech at times, but this is not
actually stuttering., 10. People who stutter are never
able to speak fluently., 11. The best way to help a stutterer is  
to wait patiently for them to finish what 
they are saying., 12. You should tell a stutterer to slow
down and think before they speak.
31. Reading: Resources
32. Questions: Adventures of a
Stuttering Superhero
By Kim Block
Dealing with people
who keep interrupting
or finishing what you
are saying., Can I Tell You About
A stutterer shares her
candid experiences
and advice., Stuttering Stan
Takes a Stand
By Artie Knapp
Dealing with
being teased 
or bullied., Paperboy
By Vince Vawter
Fiction that captures
the essence of being
an adolescent 
stutterer., Kids' books
33. Questions: Stuttering organizations that
provide free support for stutters
and their families., National
Association, Stuttering
Center of
stuttering, European
League of
Associations, Stuttering
of America
org, American
Institute for
org, International
Association, International
Association, National Assoc
of Young People
Who Stutter
34. Questions: Social Media, (*Note - may 
contain language
that is not
appropriate for
young children), • StutterTalk
• Stuttering is Cool
• Women Who Stutter, • Tea Talks*
• Heartszs*
• Drew Lynch*

• The Stuttering
        (For kids, by kids), • My Stutter blog
• Make Room for
• The Stuttering Source, • Stuttering Community
• Stuttering Support
• For Stutterers By Stutterers
• Voice Unearthed
• Unlock a Voice, Also, most of the stuttering organizations have social media contacts., Look for these groups:
35. Reading: What about 
apps?, • There is no app to
      "cure" stuttering!
• Look for those that
      have research to 
      prove they are
• Best to use under 
      the advice and
      supervision of a
      trained Speech
      Therapist, Finally ...

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