Activity Content:

1. Questions: Communication
Devices, Augmentative &
Assistive, Supports 50+ languages!
2. Soundboard: Augmentative/Alternative Communication, An AAC system refers to a combination of resources used to supplement or replace speech or writing for people with impairments in those areas. It could include any combination of picture exchange systems, sign language, speech-generating devices, speech-to-text software, adapted switch-operated equipment, 
or other resources.

 An AAC device is usually 
electronic equipment that 
is one piece of that 
communication puzzle. 
Dedicated devices and even
apps can be very expensive, 
putting it out of reach of 
millions of people worldwide., "Time for
art class."
3. Soundboard: This tutorial will ..., • teach you how to turn a
       regular mobile device
       into a free AAC device.

• show you the benefits of
       using TinyTap for your
       AAC platform, including
       some perks not available
       in other apps.

• provide lots of resources., This tutorial will NOT ..., teach you how to assess
a person's AAC needs., tell you what you need to
include on your boards., teach you all the best
evidence-based practices
for effective use of devices., .


4. Soundboard: Benefits of
using TinyTap
for AAC, Assessment
Resources, Adding
Extras, Creating
Boards, Resources
References, Exit, Accessibility
5. Soundboard: Once created, the device is
accessible across platforms., Multiple options for images make
it easy for Ss to select their own., Perks include providing auditory
models, inserting video clips, and
using iPad's accessibility features., All of TinyTap's creation tools are
FREE and easy to use, saving 
time and money!, Menu, You can easily access all of
your students' boards to 
update from your device., Available in 50+ languages!
6. Soundboard: Dynamic AAC Evaluation
Procedures Manual, Dynamic AAC Evaluation
Protocol, Created by Vicki Clarke
Available in .pdf format at:, Created by Vicki Clarke
Available in .pdf format at:
7. Soundboard: AAC Needs Assessment, 4-page assessment available from:
toolkit/details.aspx?id=385, Note: This is copyrighted material that 
is restricted to being used only by 
service providers working with
AAC users., Created by the Oregon Health
and Science University, 2009

Online inventory of communication
strengths and limitations,
 available from:, Communication
Supports Inventory
8. Soundboard: Physical
Limitations, Motor
Control, Cognitive
Abilities, Language
Knowledge, Sensory
& Deficits, Environ-
Supports, Academic
Needs, Vocational
9. Soundboard: Decisions!, • usually one page -
        does not require
• often single words
        or frequently used
        phrases, • for those who can
        navigate pages
• can include more
        content besides
        core board, like
        categ. dictionary, Symbol: something that stands for or represents something else, Menu
10. Soundboard
11. Soundboard: Timesaver hint:
Before you add 
your images, 
save a blank
template of the
page on your
device., Consider the
size of your
buttons!, If you use TinyTap images, you can use animated gifs!, Step 2: Make your board(s)
12. Soundboard: Add animated gifs!
13. Soundboard: If the person can navigate a dynamic board, include core words, quick phrases, fringe vocabulary, some quick social comments, and a categorical dictionary as a minimum., For excellent resources for core vocabulary, see the reference section. These images are from "Communication Peeled and Cored ... for the Classroom".
14. Soundboard: 3
15. Soundboard: Use Jump to Page feature 
to navigate to other pages, • categorical dictionary
• vocab/phrases for specific
        academic tasks/settings
• interactive visual schedule
• video modeling clips for
        language/behavior supports
• audio models for apraxic
• verbal responses for morning
        circle activities
• literacy activities
• self-advocacy page (health,
        safety, bullying, etc.), Here are just a few ideas ..., Don't forget to navigate
back to home screen!, Menu, Step 4: Add navigation
16. Soundboard: Adding Extras ..., Academic
Tasks, Interactive
Schedule, Auditory
Models, Audio-visual
Supports, Personal
Interests, Self-
Page, Behavior
Video Clips, Menu, Categorical
Dictionary, ICE/911
17. Soundboard: Organize academic pages by 
classes or time blocks., Literacy skills could include story 
elements, sights words, and more., Math could include the building
blocks for naming numbers, a
multiplication table, or 100s chart., Add a task sequence, "all
done" list, or visual reminder 
of routines., Academic Tasks, Extras
18. Soundboard: Providing auditory models to imitate, Extras
19. Soundboard: Audio-visual supports for
language activities, Use gif
animation!, Extras
20. Soundboard: Adding video clips, Modeling
behaviors, Visual
demo of
tasks, Illustrating
concepts, (ASL), Extras, Adding video to your pages.
21. Soundboard: Extras
22. Soundboard: Interactive visual schedules, Extras
23. Soundboard: Personal Interests, Extras
24. Soundboard: Self-advocacy, I need ..., I C E, Opinions!, answer     assistance      object, In Case of
Emergency, Extras
25. Soundboard: Menu
26. Soundboard: for visual, hearing, speech, or physical/motor impairments, Accessibility Features, iOS devices, Android devices, Menu
27. Soundboard: Resources for
Assessments, Communication Matrix (online assessment):
28. Soundboard: Resources for
Pre-made Boards
29. Soundboard: Resources for
Teachers/Therapists, Exit, Menu
30. Reading: The sky's the limit!, Everyone deserves a voice!

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