Activity Content:

1. Reading: The Ugly Duckling, Adapted from Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairytale
2. Soundboard: Mother duck was waiting patiently
for her babies to hatch from their eggs., Day after day she sat on the eggs
and waited, and waited, and waited.
3. Questions: One day, as she was sitting on her eggs, Mother duck heard "Crack!! Crack!! Crack!!". One by one, all of the eggs hatched. All but one egg. That one was bigger than the others, and browner than the others.
4. Questions: Many days later, Mother duck heard another "Craaaack!". A strange looking head popped out of the large brown egg. He didn't look much like a duck. His feathers were scruffy, his beak was all wrong, and his face was ... ugly. But nonetheless, Mother duck promised to love all of her children the same.
5. Questions
6. Soundboard: But all the other ducks
at the pond stared and
laughed at the ugly duckling.
They called him names and
pecked at his feathers.
7. Soundboard
8. Soundboard: So one night, while everyone
was asleep, the ugly duckling
ran away.
9. Questions: He passed another family of ducks. But they
just laughed and called him ugly, just like the
ducks at the pond.
10. Reading: He waddled through marshes and river reeds.
11. Soundboard: He waddled across fields, 
and through barn yards.
No one welcomed the
ugly duckling.
12. Soundboard: Then the ugly duckling came across another
pond, with a family of geese. They were nice
to him, and invited the ugly duckling to stay
with them.
13. Soundboard: He stayed with them for many months and was happy. But one day a hunter came with his dog
and began shooting at the geese. They all flew 
away, but the ugly duckling was not strong enough to fly away with them.
14. Questions
15. Soundboard: The ugly duckling was very
happy with the farmer and
his wife for many months., In the morning, the farmer 
and his wife found the ugly 
duckling, fast asleep, and 
decided to keep him as a pet.
16. Reading: But the farmer and his wife were very poor. Although they loved the ugly duckling, the 
day came when they could no longer feed him, and sent him away.
17. Reading: So the ugly duckling set out 
 once again to find some place  
 where he would be accepted.  
 He walked through rain. He
 walked through snow.
18. Soundboard: The ugly duckling climbed 
up a hill. As he reached the
top, he saw a lake with the
most beautiful birds he had
ever seen. "Hello!" they all 
cried. "Come join us!"
19. Soundboard
20. Reading: He was a beautiful swan.
And he was finally home.

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