Activity Content:

1. Questions: Trouble
Shooting, for iOS devices, .
2. Soundboard: 1  Unplug
your device, 2  Reboot
TinyTap, 3  Reboot
your device, 4  Check
for OS/app 
updates, 5  Ask
TinyTapper, 6  If your 
video will
 not play ..., 7  Can't 
access the
website ..., 8  Contact
Support, Basic Trouble Shooting
3. Soundboard: How do I add a
puzzle to my
question page?, How do I add an
interactive element
to a Say Something
page?, How do I "unstick"
an image on my
page?, I keep getting the
message that I have
too many layers., Why is my page cut
off on a smaller
phone screen?, Why is a correct
answer scored 
as incorrect 
sometimes?, Why am I having so
much trouble making
a puzzle? What am
I doing wrong?, What can I do to 
keep my puzzle
pieces from 
blocking images?, How do I get back
when I use the 
"jump to page"
option?, How can I make 
different versions of
the same app with-
out redoing all of it?, Why can't I find the
Houdini feature on
the list of activities?, F
Q, I edited an image in
my album, but it put
the original on my
page., Exit
4. Soundboard: Return
5. Soundboard: Return
6. Reading: Also labeled as 
"Reading" on 
some screens!, Make your images 
on your page
appear or disappear
with a tap using
Houdini, (This page is an example of Say Something, using 
the Jump to Page feature to return to the menu.)
7. Soundboard: Return
8. Soundboard: If you need more, put a few 
images where you will want 
them, and "stick" them to the 
page so they become part of
   the background (you cannot 
   unstick them!), • generally you can have 15 
    items on your page that 
    are "floating"
• you can have more if some 
   of the images are duplicated
   (add all your novel images 
   first, then add any duplicates)
• if you add your text last, it will 
   not count against your 15, 
   but it will if you try to add 
   more images after you put in 
   the text, so add text last!, Return
9. Soundboard: 1. Edit your image
    in your album., 2. Double tap the 
    Home button &
    close TinyTap., 3. Restart TinyTap,
    and try to import
    the edited image
    from your album
    again., Return
10. Soundboard: Return
11. Soundboard: Your page should look like the
completed puzzle to start out., To make your pieces a uniform
shape & size, double-tap the first 
                                piece you cut 
                                out to get the
                                shape for the 
                                next piece., Move the pieces into the empty
space in random order., Return
12. Soundboard: When you design your
page, leave an area
blank so you have room
to put your pieces., Without a blank space,
the pieces will have to
be stacked on top of 
each other, blocking 
the images., Return
13. Soundboard: Jump to Page, Return, *Jumps when page is completed, **, *, *, *, Create a "back" button to jump 
back to page of origin (like this pg)., **Each hotspot can jump to a different
    page when the hotspot is tapped., If you want time after the
last response to discuss it,
add an extra shape that will 
function as a return button.
Include in directions to do
that shape last.
14. Soundboard: Student has poor motor control
Student does not look at the target
Hotspots are too small or close together, "Incorrect" answers 
could be due to the 
student missing the 
hotspot for the
correct answer., Return
15. Soundboard: Copy your entire activity, 
delete slides you do not 
need and edit others., All of your interactive
features will be retained., Return, Duplicate Slide will put a fully 
functioning copy of that page 
in your current activity. If you 
import the page image saved 
in your album, it is only an 
image and is not functional.
16. Reading

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