Activity Content:

1. Reading: Illustration, Animal, Hat, Meter, Cartoon, Screenshot, Line, Picture frame, Person, Fictional character, Human, Behavior, Human behavior, Area, adecco, The Adecco Group, , , , Out of this World, Counting Game, 1-10, Cici Lampe, 2018, JUST FOR  FUN
2. Questions: Font, Animal, Graphic design, Computer, Meter, Yellow, Graphics, Line, Brand, Wallpaper, Logo, M, Star
3. Soundboard: Font, Illustration, Hat, Computer, Meter, Cartoon, Graphics, Wallpaper, Fictional character, Headgear, M, Fashion accessory, Witch hat, Costume accessory
4. Questions: Text, Font, Graphic design, Design, Product, Graphics, Brand, Wallpaper, Logo, Product design, Icon, monochrome, Page layout, EthoSource
5. Puzzle: Font, Illustration, Art, Animal, Graphic design, Computer, Meter, Cartoon, Yellow, Graphics, Line, Brand, Rectangle, Orange, Wallpaper, Fictional character, Logo, M, Icon, What nobody knew..., 1, 3, 2
6. Video: Illustration, Art, Animal, Graphic design, Image, Clip art, Graphics, Technology, Electronic device, Rectangle, YouTube, Square, Television, Television studio, Live television, Video art, coroninha virus, Three
7. Questions: Font, Illustration, Computer, Product, Cartoon, Toy, Smile, Wallpaper, Fictional character, Character, Logo, Animation, M, Human behavior, T-shirt
8. Puzzle: Text, Font, Organism, World, Computer, Graphics, Circle, Wallpaper, Space, Logo, lighting, Astronomical object, Planet, Earth, /m/02j71, Area, Sphere, Trapezoid, area of trapezoid, Move the planets upward.
9. Questions: Font, Illustration, Computer, Meter, Product, Graphics, Brand, Wallpaper, Fictional character, Logo, lighting, M
10. Questions: Text, Font, Design, computer wallpaper, Computer, Product, Yellow, Graphics, Brand, Wallpaper, Logo, Product design, Number, M
11. Puzzle: Text, Font, Illustration, Art, Animal, Computer, Product, Cartoon, Yellow, Line, Brand, Orange, Wallpaper, Bird, Area, , How many aliens?
12. Video: Animal, Clip art, Technology, Electronic device, Rectangle, Book, Purple, Health, Square, Violet, Picture book, Coronavirus, 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic, Pandemic, Coronavirus disease 2019, Psychological trauma, Health crisis, Learning Resources, manuela molina coronavirus, Six
13. Questions: Font, Illustration, Art, Computer, Meter, Toy, Wallpaper, M, Icon
14. Questions: Font, Illustration, Animal, Graphic design, Computer, Meter, Clip art, Cartoon, Graphics, Wallpaper, Animated cartoon, Logo, Clothing, M, penguins
15. Puzzle: Font, Illustration, Computer, Meter, Cartoon, Toy, Screenshot, Brand, Wallpaper, Fictional character, Games, Animation, M, Team, 1, 4, 5, 2, 1, 3, 6, 8, 7, Slide The Astronauts Upward
16. Video: Illustration, Animal, Image, Clip art, Technology, Rectangle, Health, Square, Coronavirus, 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic, Pandemic, Coronavirus disease 2019, Lockdown, manuela molina coronavirus, The John A. Hartford Foundation, Giffords Circus, John A. Hartford Foundation, Eight
17. Questions: Font, Illustration, Hat, Stock photography, Image, Vector graphics, Photography, Logo, Leaf, Royalty-free, Shutterstock, iStock
18. Questions: Text, Font, computer wallpaper, Dog, Yellow, Circle, lighting, Icon, Dog food, Revista Love, Au Vizir, Place de la Mairie, Tabac Presse, Pipe Chacom
19. Video: Animal, Image, Clip art, Vector graphics, Graphics, Technology, Electronic device, Rectangle, Purple, Square, Portable Network Graphics, Transparency, Glasses, Violet, Television, Sunglasses, High-definition television, Television network, tv vector png, Nine
20. Questions: Font, Illustration, Art, computer wallpaper, Computer, Meter, Product, Toy, Wallpaper, M, Icon
21. Puzzle: Illustration, Art, Packaged goods, Computer, Meter, Cartoon, Screenshot, Wallpaper, Fiction, Character, Space, M, Astronomical object, Outer space, Astronaut, Game by Cici, USA

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