Activity Content:

1. Questions: Self-Directed
2. Questions: Developing a self-directed PD plan for educators, This activity is designed to help you narrow your focus to develop your own plan for professional development. It is based on Tools for SD-PD from the British Columbia Teachers' Federation. As you go through the items, tap on the number that rates your knowledge in that area., NA     Strength      Okay      Weakness    Need Help                                ASAP!   

  0           1                2                 3                    4, If you take a screen shot or save your page to your album, you can go back and erase your answers so a learning buddy can use this to rate you based on their perceptions.
3. Soundboard: Leadership and planning
4. Soundboard: Teaching skills
5. Soundboard: Student, parent interaction
6. Questions: 1. Attend a conference, work-
shop, or summer institute/ 
2. Sponsor a student teacher
or mentor a new teacher.
3. Join or facilitate a teacher
study group.
4. Take an active role in your
professional organization(s).
5. Give a workshop.
6. Take an online university
7. Develop an innovative 
program for your class or
8. Create a PD portfolio.
9. Apply for a teacher study
grant to study abroad., 10. Form or join a teacher
research group.
11. Sign up for a webinar
or other online PD.
12. Job-shadow a related
work situation/setting/job.
13. Join professional networks
such as Facebook groups.
14. Observe another teacher 
and discuss their approaches.
15. Participate in curriculum
16. Participate in field research
conducted by publishers.
17. Read professional journal
18. Do a book study of some
professional resources.
7. Questions: 19. Pilot a new curriculum or
20. Research and plan ongoing
professional development.
21. Begin a habit of reflective
journal keeping.
22. Serve as your school's PD
23. Serve as your school's 
union representative.
24. Serve as your school's PR
person/media contact.
25. Begin a parent-outreach
26.Share with colleagues what
you learn at a conference.
27. Participate in peer-coaching
group to discuss and evaluate
lessons., 28. Write some articles for 
professional publications.
29. Present a topic at a 
professional conference.
30. Develop new instructional
materials to supplement the
31. Observe a variety of 
special needs classrooms.
32. Adapt current curriculum
materials for differential 
33. Connect with educators
in other countries to discuss
common issues., 34. Apply for a grant to fund
your studies, or program.
8. Questions: Set up a timeline for your activities
and mark important dates on your calendar!, Directions:
Choose 6-10
events/tasks you 
need to do for your 
PD plan. Plot them 
out on the timeline. 
Include the date 
due., Turn in final 
9. Soundboard: Resources!, Travel grants, 1.

search "teacher travel 
abroad grants", Project Grants, Visit my website's funding
page to find lots of resources
to fund your project:,
FundingSources_page.html,,, Next
10. Soundboard: Apply at:
self-direct, For SLPs in the U.S., you 
might want to consider 
applying to ASHA to get 
CEUs for your PD under
their Independent Study 
program. You must get
approval in advance!, Need a way to document
your professional learning?
Create a digital portfolio to 
verify your research, track
your activities, and showcase
your newly-learned skills.,
g2kor/play, Next
11. Questions

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