Activity Content:

1. Questions: TinyTap
Shows, Jeopardy
2. Soundboard: Recreate these famous TV game shows for your students! Where would you like to go?, Show me how to create
a Jeopardy game!, Show me how to create 
a Pyramid game!
3. Soundboard: 1. Find your game board, You can search on line 
through TinyTap, but be 
aware that the images 
you will find are not 
necessarily free from 
usage restrictions., An alternative would be to
go online and do a search
for free templates. There 
are many available. Just
download the image into 
your Dropbox or iCloud
storage that you can access
from TinyTap. Or take a
screen shot of the one 
on the next page., Next
4. Soundboard: Next
5. Soundboard: Next
6. Soundboard: 2. Enter your title and category headings, Example:, The benefit of creating your own board from scratch is that you can also enter your own dollar amount, or the number of tokens the students can earn for each question., Next
7. Soundboard: 3. Make a list of your questions/answers and put
them in order from easiest to most difficult., Remember, the student is
given the answer, and they
must come up with the
question in the traditional
version of this game!, Next
8. Soundboard: 4. Create an answer page
and a page with the
acceptable response(s)., Don't forget to leave room
at the bottom for buttons
to navigate., Adding the question
amount to your screen
will help when you are
creating jumps from the
gameboard page., Repeat this for each $ 
button on the gameboard., Next
9. Soundboard: For correct
jump back 
to the game-
board., For incorrect
jump to the
answer pg., 5. Tap on Set Activity at the top of your screen, then
select Create a Sound Board. Record the answer on
the answer page, and the question(s) on the question page. Create hotspots to jump to next page., Next
10. Soundboard: If there is more than one acceptable question response, list several as examples. Make sure your directions include a clear explanation of what constitutes an acceptable response., For students who
struggle with reading, 
record the reading of
each question.

Create a hotspot to
jump back to the
gameboard., Next
11. Soundboard: 6. Go back to the gameboard page, and create a Sound Board. Create a hotspot for each $ space on the board, and jump to the page for that answer/question., Next
12. Soundboard: 7. Save the hardest question for Final Jeopardy. Create
the answer/question pages for it the same way as all of 
the other pages. Link it to the button on the gameboard., This is a great 
place to add a 
question for 
students to 
their ability 
to apply a 
concept or skill 
to a new task., Next
13. Soundboard: The traditional way to score the Final Jeopardy
question is for the player to make a wager. If their
response is correct, they add that amount to their
score. If their response is incorrect, the amount
of their wager is deducted from their score. Some 
schools consider this a form a gambling and is 
highly discouraged. You can avoid this controversy
by assigning a dollar amount to the final jeopardy
question., Scoring Final Jeopardy ..., Next
14. Soundboard: Add some bells and whistles ..., Add in a time element by turning on Challenge Mode. Set the "activity" timer to 30 seconds (the max), or set the "game" timer for up to 60 minutes for the entire game. Set the "game lives" to any number more than the number of questions in your game. For example, my gameboard has 5 questions for each of 5 categories, plus the Final Jeopardy question, which would equal 26 questions., To add game show
lights around your
board, look for this
gif in the Funmation
folder., Next, You can also search online for free sound effects for the game that you can record along with your audio tracks. Note that it will not play consistently throughout the entire game, just when your recorded audio track is playing.
15. Soundboard: Sample, Menu, Exit, To see this game in action,
check out my Question Jeopardy
in the TinyTap marketplace.
16. Soundboard: 1. Create your pyramid board, Open the TinyTap image
files, select Color Shapes, 
then select your triangles. 
You will need 1 large one 
for the board and another 
for the 6 smaller triangles, 
in a contrasting color., Next
17. Soundboard: 2. Add your categories to each triangle, If any of your students are non-readers, 
consider adding a visual. You can also
add a title and fun graphics now., Next
18. Soundboard: 3. For each category on the board, create a question page that has the words the student must describe, You can add directions 
for that category, in 
text, via audio 
recording, or both., Use the Sound Board
feature in Set Activity
to create a link back 
to the game board and
to record your
directions., Next
19. Soundboard: 4. Add an optional timer 
to each question page., Use the internet search to
locate a timer image and a
timer gif animation., Using the Houdini 
feature, layer the 
gif on top of the
clipart timer, then 
select "Show on 
tap" and "Play
on tap and stop"., Next
20. Soundboard: Tap on Set Activity at the top of your page and select Create a Sound Board. You will create a hotspot around each category that will jump to the question page for that category., 5. Return to your pyramid board and create your links., Next
21. Soundboard: Use a screenshot of your first pyramid board, then cover each category with a blank triangle. I suggest a different color to reinforce the idea that this is a new level with new rules. Use the Houdini feature for each of the small triangles to "hide on tap". 
You can add a 60 second 
timer somewhere on your 
page, as well as a link to 
exit to a final page when 
the game is over. You will 
be using the Sound Board 
feature for this page. Make 
sure the hotspot for the exit 
link does not overlap the 
Houdini images., 6. Create your lightning round board., Next
22. Soundboard: 7. Create a final page as
an exit, using the Ask
a Question feature or
Say Something/Reading., 8. Create your page of
instructions., You can put both levels on one
page and use it as a menu page,
or do them separately in each 
section of the activity. If using it
as a menu page, create a link 
from the instructions to the 
associated game board by using
Create a Sound Board., Next
23. Soundboard: Basic Rules of the Game ..., Next
24. Soundboard: You can find the game show
lights in the Funmation image
file., If you want the game show lights around your 
page, construct your page first, then take a 
screen shot so you can crop it to fit in the white
area. The lights cannot be "stuck" or made the 
background if you want the animation to work., You will need to "send to back"
to get it behind your page., Next
25. Soundboard: To see the game in action, check out 
my Popcorn Pyramid Game
in the TinyTap marketplace., Menu, Exit
26. Questions: Before you play ..., Run through your TinyTap game as a player 
to make sure all of the links are working correctly., Decide how to award your students' points.
You could give them play money in the amount
the question is worth. Another idea is to use
bingo chips or tokens and make them all worth
the same amount, such as $100. A question 
worth $400 dollars would earn 4 chips., Don't forget to create an attractive
cover for your game and share it in
the TinyTap marketplace!

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