Activity Content:

1. Questions
2. Soundboard: When you create your two
teams, seat the describer
where they can see the
gameboard, and the other
team members where they
cannot see the board., You have the option of using
the timer with either level if
you so desire. Just tap on the
stopwatch icon once to turn 
it on. Double tap the timer to 
restart it for the next category., For small groups or centers 
use at least 4 students, 2 for 
each team. They can take
turns being describer/guesser
for each new category. Teams 
alternate taking a turn. The 
one describing should have
the tablet in front of him/her., To keep track of the teams'
scores and which categories
have been used, you can 
create 6 triangles, number
them 1-6, and give the team
the one for the category they
won. See the next page for
an example., To change the time alotted,
change the timer gif image.
3. Soundboard: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
4. Soundboard: Teams choose which category 
they want to describe. The 
describer must give their team
verbal clues to get them to say 
each of the five words. They 
cannot use the target word or 
gestures in their descriptions. 
Each category can be used 
only once., Create 2 teams. Each team will
select one member to give the 
descriptions, and the other team 
members will guess the word. 
When a new category is selected, 
a new describer must also be 
selected for the team., Level 1 -
Guess the items
in a category, Level 2 -
Guess the category
from a list of members, The winning team has a chance 
to win a popcorn party for the 
class by winning the lightning 
round. The describer may only 
give a list of members in the given 
category. No descriptions or 
gestures are allowed. Here's a 
hint ... if the clue contains any 
adjective or adverb, it's describing.
Any unacceptable clues will result
in the team being disqualified. The 
team must guess all 6 categories
in 60 seconds to win the round., Play, Play
5. Soundboard
6. Soundboard: People, mother, teacher, baby, doctor, father, Describe to your teammates these words that name a particular person. You cannot say the person word in your description.
7. Soundboard: Colors, red     purple    blue    yellow   green, Describe to your teammates these words that name a color. You cannot say the color word in your description.
8. Soundboard: Animals, cat, pig, fish, cow, Describe to your teammates these words that name an animal. You cannot say the animal word in your description., dog
9. Soundboard: Toys, doll, ball, bear, train, car, Describe to your teammates these words that name a toy. You cannot say the toy word in your description.
10. Soundboard: Clothing, shirt, hat, pajamas, socks, pants, Describe to your teammates these words that name a piece of clothing. You cannot say the clothing word in 
your description.
11. Soundboard: Food, banana, pizza, pickle, milk, apple, Describe to your teammates these words that name a type of food. You cannot say the food word in your description.
12. Soundboard: Exit
13. Questions

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