Activity Content:

1. Questions: Assessments, Assess, Revise, Basic, Instruct, Supports 50+ languages!
2. Soundboard: The difference between
teaching and testing ..., Insights, Let's start!
3. Soundboard: Short
Quiz, Rating
Scales, Rubrics, Exit, Multiple
Quiz, Extras ...
Page Shuffle,
Game Mode,
Test Mode
4. Soundboard
5. Soundboard: Ask A
Question, Menu, Show Me
6. Soundboard: Use Select Multiple Areas, Menu, Show Me
7. Soundboard: Shape Puzzle, Menu, Show Me
8. Soundboard: Talk or Type, Menu, Show Me, Consider using 
alternative response
modes to meet
individual needs.
9. Soundboard: Here is an example
of a rubric for 2nd
grade story retells., Ask A Question, Menu, Show Me
10. Soundboard
11. Soundboard: Test
12. Soundboard: Menu, On an iPad, it is possible to set your device to play TinyTap activities in a true "test mode". Students will not be given opportunities to guess answers until they find the right one. They will have one chance to respond and will get no differentiated feedback for correct vs. incorrect answers. Their scores will not be visible to them at the end of the activity, but are available to you in Insights. Go into Setting>TinyTap>Test Mode.
13. Video
14. Soundboard: Menu
15. Video
16. Soundboard: Menu
17. Video
18. Soundboard: Menu
19. Video: Note: Sound Board was the old name for Select Multiple Areas
20. Soundboard: Menu, Using "Select Multiple Areas"
for questions w/ multiple answers, 1. Choose "Select
Multiple Areas"
21. Questions

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