Activity Content:

1. Puzzle: Ancient, Calendar, Wheel, A chart that shows days,
 months, and years, From a very long time ago, A round object that helps
 things go from 
place to place
2. Puzzle: Change, Something that is not
 the same as it 
used to be, People, A group of men, 
women, and children 
living in the same area, Community, A place where people
 live and work 
together in one area
3. Puzzle: Move, To go from place
 to place, Farm, To grow crops and 
raise animals for food, Wheelbarrow, A cart with one wheel and 
handles used to move 
4. Puzzle: Theater, A place with rows of seats 
where people can watch 
plays, concerts and movies, A material made from
 wood that is often 
used for writing, Paper, Plumbing, A group of pipes that 
carry water to and away 
from homes and buildings
5. Puzzle: Invention, A new object or idea
 that someone makes 
of thinks of, Today, Now or present time, Year, A 12-month time period,
from January to December

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