Activity Content:

-1. Questions: Science Extension Activities, Ages 4-5
0. Soundboard: Scientific Thinking, Begins to ask 

Starts to make

Experiments with
items in environment., Observes environment
around them.
1. Soundboard
2. Soundboard: Develop those verbal skills! 
This is the age where most kids begin learning how to give verbal explanations., 1. Ask probing questions to get them thinking. “Which one do you like better? Why do you like that better than this? Which one do you think I like the best? What is it about this that you think I like?” You are trying to get them to use words to describe, so shrugging or saying “I dunno” is not acceptable.
2. Model how to describe what they observe by using descriptive vocabulary and comparing/contrasting. “It’s the biggest red flower.” “The blue car is faster than the green car.”
3. Soundboard
4. Soundboard
7. Questions

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