Activity Content:

1. Reading
2. Questions: art projects, cooking activities, science projects, task boxes
3. Questions: Always start by showing an example of the finished product and/or the "big picture" of the task steps., 1
4. Soundboard: Create a "You will need ..." list of materials. 
For this DIY project, you will need ..., iOS or Android tablet.  No phones 
please (too small for creating), The free app TinyTap downloaded onto 
your tablet., Allow TinyTap to access your camera, photos, and microphone., All the materials your student would use to
complete the task., 2, NEXT
5. Reading: Take a photo of each step in the task, just like we are doing here., 3, NEXT
6. Reading: Use one picture per page, and record your verbal instructions to go with it., 4, NEXT
7. Soundboard: For higher students, they might be okay with the entire sequence on one page., *Not recommended for students
with self-stimming behaviors
unless you can monitor them.
They will most likely just keep
playing the video over and over., The benefit of this is using 
the Sound Board feature, 
found under the "set activity" 
tab on your screen. You can 
create hotspots for each 
step that can  link to ("jump 
to") another page for 
additional information or 
a short video clip* of the 
steps in action., NEXT
8. Soundboard: 1.


3., For students who need additional visual support, you can set up the steps in an
"all done" list using Houdini images., NEXT
9. Soundboard: Reinforce 
other skills
by adding
extras ..., choosing          requesting, sequencing, comprehension, I'll check these later, Math
10. Soundboard: Use Sound Board to allow students to 
tap on a picture and hear the word for it., Make it interactive!, Use Ask a Question to create questions 
with multiple choice answers for student 
to select., Use Shape Puzzle to create a matching 
game for students to match the word 
with the picture., Pre-teach or review vocabulary ..., NEXT, These features are found in the                        tab on the top 
of your screen. Create your slide first, then add one of these.
11. Soundboard: Vocabulary review using Ask a Question, NEXT
12. Soundboard: counting
basic shapes
colors, counting
spatial relations, NEXT
13. Soundboard: Requesting using Sound Board feature, NEXT
14. Puzzle: Sequencing using Shape Puzzle feature.
15. Soundboard: Comprehension check using Ask a Question, NEXT
16. Soundboard: ↩️
17. Video: Now you see it, now you don't!
18. Video: Cut a Shape Puzzle
19. Video: Multiple choice questions?
20. Video: Create a Sound Board
21. Reading: Check out my cooking projects to see some of the options we talked about!
Just search the TinyTap marketplace for the title.

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