Activity Content:

1. Questions
2. Video
3. Questions: Who   is the MAIN character of the story?, Use those clues! The MAIN character of a story is often mentioned in the title, or is shown on almost every page.
4. Questions: Where did the story 
 take place?
5. Questions: What is the kick-off/problem of this story?
6. Questions: How did the boy  feel  about 
not having anything to do?
7. Questions: What was the boy's plan to solve his problem?
8. Questions: Which one of these was NOT
a result of the boy's decision?
9. Puzzle: 1                 2                3, 4                 5                6
10. Puzzle: What was the lesson that 
we learned in this story?, If you tell lies,      no one will       believe you
when you tell       them the truth.
11. Puzzle: shepherd, on the 
hillside, boring job, main 
character, setting, kick-off,
12. Puzzle: people, animals, feelings, places, vehicles, occupations, Name that Category!
13. Soundboard

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