Activity Content:

1. Questions: I can
do it!
2. Questions
3. Questions
4. Questions: I can, , _______________, hop, skip, Have child choose word to copy onto the line. Delete the pictures/words and let them draw their own picture on paper or on the page by using the drawing tools on the palette below. If drawn on paper, take a photo with your device and import it onto the page. Delete this directions box by double tapping on it, or flicking away with finger., jump, dance
5. Questions: throw, catch, kick, bounce, ___________________
6. Questions: make my bed, set the table, clean up toys, feed the cat
feed the dog, I can ______  ___  ________.
7. Questions: I can, talk, shout, sing, blow, __  _____  ________., This time have your child copy all the words
to write the entire sentence on the lines.
8. Questions: dress, tie, brush, comb, __  _____  ________.
9. Questions: I Can Do It!, Written by _________________

Illustrated by _______________

Age ___, Use this to replace the cover page, then share it with 
friends and family by uploading it and sharing the link.
Don't forget to delete this directions box!

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