Activity Content:

1. Questions: My Favorite
2. Questions: Directions for Parents/Teachers ..., Note: this page can be deleted when no longer needed from 
         the same screen that shows all your pages to edit., 3. Tap on the edit pencil and
the page you want to edit., This template is meant to help you do this activity with your child. It requires an iOS/Android tablet to create at this time. You will need to enter "edit" mode in order to create your pages (see below). Please have paper and pencil/crayons/markers nearby to practice writing skills as needed., 1. Tap on the menu icon at the 
    top left corner of the page., 2. Tap on the pencil icon
    at the top of the screen.
3. Questions: Write your child's name on a piece of paper and let them
copy it onto this page (practicing first is okay!). Then have them draw a picture of themselves. They can use the drawing palette at the bottom of the page, or do it on paper, take a photo with this device you are using, and import it to this page. Delete this instruction box when it is no longer needed by double tapping on it., My name is _____________.
This is me.
4. Questions: I like to read ___________

_____________________, Write the name of your child's favorite book/story on paper and have them copy it on the line. Have them draw a picture of the story (maybe the cover picture or their fav character) either on this page with the drawing tools, or on paper and take a photo to import onto this page.
5. Questions: I like to watch __________

_____________________, Ask your child their fav TV show or video. Write the name on paper and let them copy it onto the line. Have them add a drawing of one of the characters in the story.
6. Questions: I like to listen to ____________________, You know the routine now. Have them add the
name of their fav song and draw a picture.
7. Questions: I like to ________
when I hear that song., dance  or  sing?
8. Questions: ___ _______ ____ eat
__________________, From this point on, your child should start writing the entire phrase "I like to" as well as copy the answer that you write on paper for them. As always, including their drawing. If they cannot draw something, look together for a picture online or in the creativity packs that they can use, but only as a last resort. This activity is meant for them to practice the motor skills for writing and drawing., I                     like                          to
9. Questions: __ ______ ___ play 
__________________, (Favorite table game, outside game, or playground equipment), I                  like                      to
10. Questions: __ ________ ___ play with
_____________________, (Any sibling, friend or adult), I                     like                          to
11. Questions: These are my
favorite things!, Written by _______________________

Illustrated by _____________________

Age ____, Substitute this for the cover page if you so desire when complete.
Then send it to friends and family by uploading it and sharing a link.

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