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1. Questions: Tap here to start, Rounding Decimals
By Kayden
2. Questions: Tap here to continue, To round decimals, you have to look at the number on the
 right. If the number on the right is 5 or greater, then you add
 1 to the number that you are rounding. If the number on 
the right is less than 5, then keep the number that you 
are rounding the same. Then, add zeros to all of the other
place values that are next to the number that you are rounding.
When there is a problem where it asks you to round the last far right
decimal place value (in this case, hundredths), then add a 0 to 
the end of the decimal.
3. Questions: 1      3        .        8        2
    Tens          Ones      Decimal Point    Tenths      Hundredths, Tap here to continue, Here is a chart of the 
decimal place values.
4. Questions: What is 1.11 rounded to the nearest tenth?, 1.43, 1.10, 2.15
5. Questions: What is 3.57 rounded to the nearest one?, 1.45, 3.45, 7.56, 4.00
6. Questions: What is 9.53 rounded to the nearest tenth?, 9.05, 9.50
7. Questions: Round 13.89 to the nearest one., 14.00, 51.78, 17.42, 3.45, 12.89
8. Text Input: 9.56 rounded to the nearest tenth is 9.50., Write "wrong" or "right" for the following rounding statement.
9. Text Input: Polly says that she can round 3.87 to the nearest hundredth. She says that the answer is 3.87. Do you agree with Polly? Type "yes" or "no".
10. Questions: 4.09, 3.5269, 7.38, What is 4.09 rounded to the nearest hundredth?, 5.432
11. Questions: Great job!!
I hope you learned something.
Thank you for playing!
Kayden Anderson, Tap here to finish

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