Activity Content:

1. Puzzle
2. Puzzle
3. Questions: What is a atom, A.A part of something, B. Smallest piece of element, C. Smallest piece of matter
4. Questions
5. Questions: Find an example of a periodic table, A., B., C., D. A or C
6. Questions: What tools do you need to find density?, A. Balance and graduated cylinder, B.  A Hammer, C. Samsung 7.0
7. Questions: An example of a liquid, A., B., C.,
8. Questions: Formula for carbon dioxide, A. H2O, C.CO2
9. Questions: What makes a compound?, A. By playing clash royale and getting to legendary arena., B. Atoms, of two or more elements combined, C. A is the answer, D.Reacting to light
10. Questions: What happens to water vapor molecules when they change to a liquid?, B. Slows down, C. (Answer) clash royale, A. Dr. Wakeman is cool.

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