Activity Content:

1. Soundboard: Text, Font, Yellow, Line, Picture frame, Rectangle, Orange, Logo, Square, ESL Phonics Stories 1
2. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Packaged goods, Product, Line, Smile, Tubed packaged goods, ESL Phonics 5 Story, I have a bug.
I put the bug in a jar.
The bug is red.
The bug is little.
I will let the little bug go.
3. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Animal, Line, The cat sat on the mat.
The cat had on a red hat.
The red hat is big.
The cat likes his red hat., ESL Phonics 6 Story
4. Soundboard: Text, Font, Tail, Canidae, Dog, Carnivore, Sporting Group, Animal figure, Mammal, Dog breed, I have a pet.
My pet dog is red and big.
He likes to play with me.
I have fun with my red dog., ESL Phonics 7 Story
5. Soundboard: Text, Font, Animal, Canidae, Dog, Carnivore, Mammal, Dog breed, Line, Nose, Photo caption, Fawn, Snout, Miniature pig, I have a pet pig.
My pig is pink.
My pig likes to eat a lot.
My pig's name is Nick.
Nick is little., ESL Phonics 8 Story
6. Soundboard: Text, Font, Line, Person, Product design, Sunglasses, ESL Phonics 9 Story, The dog is hot.
He is in the sun.
He lays down on a raft.
He is a funny dog.
7. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Animal, Cat, Photo caption, Adaptation, Felidae, Small to medium-sized cats, I have a funny cat.
I have a funny dog.
My cat has a red and blue hat.
My dog has a blue and yellow hat.
My pets are funny., ESL Phonics 10 Story
8. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Animal, Adaptation, Tree, House, Shed, Roof, Soil, Hut, I made a little hut.
Jen and I can play in the hut.
We can not play in the hut!
A pig is in the hut.
Go away, pig!, ESL Phonics Story 11
9. Soundboard: Font, Organism, Line, Tableware, I have ten pots.
I have six pans.
The pans are big and blue.
The pots are little and red., ESL Phonics Story 12
10. Soundboard: Text, Font, Canidae, Dog, Carnivore, Sporting Group, Puppy, Dog breed, Companion dog, Golden Retriever, My pet is lost.
I go to where I was last.
I look for my lost pet.
I have a plan.
I look in the plants.
I spot him!, ESL Phonics 13 Story
11. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Person, Adaptation, Tree, Water, Team, Natural landscape, Rock, Soil, My dad and I took a dip in the pond.
I jump in the pond and get wet.
Then I rest in the sand by the pond.
It is fun to take a dip with my dad!, ESL Phonics 15 Story
12. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Line, Person, Top, Happy, Adaptation, Parallel, Joint, Sophrology, I am very fast when I run.
I run past Flint.
Then I run past dad.
I lift my hands and make a fist when I win., ESL Phonics 16 Story
13. Soundboard: Text, Font, Product, Furniture, Table, Infant bed, I have a green hat.
My dad hid the hat.
The he gave me a hint.
"You can spot the hat by water."
The hat was in the tub!, ESL Phonics 17 Story
14. Soundboard: Organism, Carnivore, Cat, Mammal, Photo caption, Adaptation, Whiskers, Snout, Pig, Felidae, Small to medium-sized cats, European shorthair, The hog digs in the mud.
He runs past me to the house.
I gasp.
He will make a big mess!
I run to him.  He zigs and zags.
I get him and take him back to the grass., ESL Phonics 18 Story
15. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Dog, Line, Photo caption, Person, Adaptation, My dog will not go.
I prod him with my hand.
I drop water on him.
Then I grasp him with my hand and drag him.
Then he will go!, ESL Phonics 19 Story
16. Soundboard: Text, Font, Product, Line, Photo caption, Person, Games, Recreation, Friendship, I am a fun kid.
I like to run and play.
I skip and jump.
I act in skits.
I like to have fun!, ESL Phonics 21 Story
17. Soundboard: Text, Font, Hat, Person, Smile, Fictional character, Clothing, Headgear, Human behavior, It is a fact that I like to do crafts.
I scan the room.
I take scraps and paper.
I make a hat that is red and white.
It is fun to do crafts., ESL Phonics 22 Story
18. Soundboard: Text, Font, Packaged goods, Line, Human, Glasses, I have a little sister.
She is blond.
She is also bad!
She grabs my stuff.
She jumps out of her crib.
She makes a mess.
She is a slob!, ESL Phonics 24 Story
19. Soundboard: Text, Organism, Person, Adaptation, History, I love to camp with my mom and dad.
We tramp in the woods.
We look at a map.
When we get there, we set up a tent.
We sit and talk by the lamp., ESL Phonics 26 Story
20. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, The nest fell from the tree.
I see two eggs in the nest.
I want to help.
I make a new bed for the eggs to rest in.
I did my best to help!, ESL Phonics 27 Story
21. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Product, Line, Person, Smile, Clothing, Human behavior, I like to make music.
I sing a song.
I bang on a gong.
I ring and ding the bells.
It is fun to make music!, ESL Phonics 28 Story
22. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Bird, Adaptation, Plant, The ducks are in the pond.
They are black and brown.
They want a snack.
I give them a snack and they peck at it.
Then, the flock of ducks swims away., ESL Phonics 29 Story
23. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Wildlife, Terrestrial animal, Adaptation, Fawn, National park, Antler, Reindeer, Elk, Deer, There is an elk on the path.
The elk is fat, not thin.
The elk is big, not little.
That elk looks at me.
I am with my sister.
We look at the elk and run away., ESL Phonics 31 Story
24. Soundboard: Text, Font, Line, Child, Photo caption, Person, Smile, Happy, Clothing, My mom hands me a drink.
I smell the drink.
It stinks!
I say thank you to my mom.
I dump the drink down the sink., ESL Phonics 32 Story
25. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Line, Person, Adaptation, I dropped my backpack.
My friend helped me.
She picked up my backpack and handed it to me.
I looked at her and said, "Thank you!"
She grinned at me.
She is a good friend!, ESL Phonics 33 Story
26. Questions: Text, Organism, Person, Adaptation, Tree, Plant, Terrestrial plant, Ecosystem, Forest, My friend has a little sister.
She is three.
She greets me with "hi" when I come to the house.
She peeks at us when we play.
She likes to go up the trees.
She likes to swim in the deep pond.
I like to play with her.  She is fun even if she is three., ESL Phonics 34 Story
27. Questions: Text, Font, Product, Line, Child, Person, Top, Smile, Laptop, Human behavior, I have a problem.
I do not see my tablet.
I look in the basket.
Then, I look under the napkin.
My sister and I have a contest to find the tablet.
My sister looks under the poplin dress.
There is my tablet!, ESL Phonics 36 Story
28. Questions: Text, Font, Product, Line, Person, Human behavior, My mom and I clean the house.
She scrubs the tub.
I sweep the rug.
I make the bunk beds.
She puts the mugs and the jugs away.
The house is clean and we can rest!, ESL Phonics 37 Story
29. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Person, Adaptation, Human behavior, I want to see my friends this weekend.
My mom says I have to sweep the rug.
When I swept the rug, I have to weed.
When I weeded, I have to pick up the mess with my sister.
Then I can go see my friends!, ESL Phonics 38 Story
30. Questions: Text, Font, Child, Person, Top, Happy, Clothing, Human behavior, T-shirt, I think my sister took my dress.
I asked her but she will not admit it.
I suspect that she took it and I am upset.
I tell my mom.
My mom insists that my sister tell her if she took the dress.
My sister admits it and she gives me back my dress., ESL Phonics 39 Story
31. Questions: Text, Font, Product, Technology, Electronic device, Child, Photo caption, Person, Furniture, Clothing, Sitting, Tableware, Output device, I want to bake a cake with my mom.
I take out the pan.
We mix the cake and put it in to bake.
The cake takes a long time to bake.
When it is done, I put the cake on a plate.
I eat the cake and it is good!, ESL Phonics 41 Story
32. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Product, Person, Top, Furniture, Human behavior, Chair, Comfort, Massage chair, My sister and I are at home.
I poke my sister one time and she gets mad.
She tells me to stop.
I say that I made a mistake and that I am to blame.
Then we play.  We ride in a plane and save the day.
It is fun when we play games., ESL Phonics 42 Story
33. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Horse, Product, Line, Person, Adaptation, Clothing, Outerwear, I am June.
I have a mule named Blue.
Blue the mule likes to eat cubes of sugar.
My mom has a rule that I can feed him two cubes a day.
I ride on my mule.
He is a tame mule so he is safe to ride., ESL Phonics 42 Story #2
34. Questions: Text, Font, Line, Person, Top, Happy, Human behavior, Gesture, Joint, Arm, Here is my brother Mike.
I admire my big brother.
He is five feet nine.
He has a nice smile.
He can hike five miles and not get tired.
I feel pride when Mike wins the prize.
I cheer for him and smile wide., ESL Phonics 43 Story
35. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Line, Person, Top, Fictional character, Clothing, Parallel, I can't do it if I don't try.
My brother said he'd help me.
I say, "Let's do it!"
I'll wake up at five and we'll run nine miles.
I won't give up.  We'll run and run.
If we wake up and run for six weeks, I'll be ready for the race.
I'm going to win!, ESL Phonics 44 Story
36. Questions: Text, Hat, Pillow, I have to mix and bake six cakes.
I open the box and put the mix in the bowl
I mix in two eggs and milk.
I do this six times.
I stir and stir.
Then I put wax paper in the pans and put the cake in to bake.
The six cakes bake, and they look good!, ESL Phonics 46 Story
37. Questions: Text, Font, Packaged goods, Food, Cuisine, Dish, Recipe, My mom says I need to eat yams for lunch.
I don't like yams, so I say, "yuck".
My mom tells me to eat my yams and not to yak about it.
I say "yes, Mom" and eat my yams.
My mom smiles at me.
When I am done, she gives me cake because I ate my yams., ESL Phonics 47 Story

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