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1. Soundboard: ESL Repeated Reading 2
2. Soundboard: #1, Pete has lots to do inside.
He feeds his fish.
He fills his backpack.
He eats his lunch.
Pete can go outside.
Pete has lots to do in the nice sunshine.
He must use sunblock.
Pete likes to fly his kite.
His kite is is the treetops.
At sunset, Pete must go home.
It is bedtime., is in t
3. Soundboard: #2, Mom is running in a race.
She keeps in shape by jogging.
Getting in shape takes work.
Mom jogged five times last week.
She sipped water as she jogged.
I asked to jog with Mom.
She said it helped to run with me.
Dad takes me to the race.
We see Mom standing in line.
It is time.  Mom runs and runs.
She is stopping for a drink.
Mom didn't win, but she did her best.
4. Soundboard: #3, Cass is going to see Kate and Mike.
They live on a farm.
Cass sees kittens in the barn.
She pets them but not very hard.
That could harm them.
Mike takes corn from cart.
Cass and Kate feed it to hens and chicks in the yard.
As it gets dark, Cass, Mike, and Kate look up.
Every star shines.
Mom honks the car horn.  Cass runs and gets in the car.
Cass likes the farm.  The best part is seeing Kate and Mike.
5. Soundboard: #4, Can we make Mom smile?
We have many wishes for Mom.
We will make Mom a cake.  We will mix and stir.
We must not burn her cake!  
We also have ferns for Mom.
We put them in pots on the curb.
Soon they will grow.
See Mom grin.  She has a big smile.
6. Soundboard: #5, It is the hottest day.
The friends will run a race.
June, Slim, and Gus line up by size.
Slim is taller than Gus.  Gus is taller than June.
"I am the tallest," said Slim.
"But I am the fastest," said Gus.
Gus picks up June.
"Go fast, Gus.  We can win this race," June yells.
Gus runs up and down hills.  Gus and June run by Slim.  They win!
7. Soundboard: #6, Ken has a pet pup.  Gus is his pup.  Ken was six when he got Gus.  Gus was not big back then, but Gus got big quick.   Gus is as big as Ken.

At the end of his long day, Gus will nap on his mat.  His mat is under a bunk bed.   Ken can pat Gus on the head. Gus will lick Ken on his hand.  Ken and Gus have fun together.
8. Soundboard: #7, Tess has pet mice.  The mice make a home in a nice, safe cage.  Tess will add fine mice beds in the cage.

The mice are Ace and Ike.  Ike is huge, but Ace is small and cute.  Ace can run in a race.  Ike and Ace have a nice life.  Tess has made a safe home for Ike and Ace.
9. Soundboard: Cam Clam dropped in to see Clive Crab.  Clive makes his home in an odd hole in a nice pond.  "Cam," said Clive, "I am glad you came.  Can I get help lifting this box?"

"Lifting it will not be bad,"Cam said with pride.  "I lift my home every day.  It makes me quite strong."  Cam bent down and grabbed Clive's box.  Clive bent down and grabbed his box.  "Lift on three," yelled Clive.  "One, two, three!"  Cam and Clive lifted at the same time.  Up came Clive's big box., #8
10. Soundboard: #9, Let me tell a tale about Will the white whale.  Will is as big as a bus, but he is quite nice.  Will is not a fish, but he swims like one.  He likes swimming on his back and splashing with his fin.  Will likes jumping up.  Then he makes a huge splash.  Will has fun gliding on the wide waves.  When the wind stopped and this ship got stuck, Will helped.  Will put it to the dock., shed
11. Soundboard: #10, Patrick went to Jon Darling's farm.  Patrick had not gone to this farm before.  "Is it far?" Patrick asked.  "Not much more," Mom said.  Patrick spotted Jon's farm.  "His farm has a big, red barn!" Patrick yelled.  "Are there horses, mules, and pigs?"  His mom grinned.

Jon Darling sat on the porch with his kitten.  Patrick jumped out.  Patrick helped Jon.  He swept pens, fed chicks and rabbits, and helped fix the barn.
12. Soundboard: #11, Jen is my pet.  Jen liked her food and her yard.  She liked her bones and fun things.  But Jen didn't look glad.  Jen moped in the yard.  I'm sad for Jen.  "This isn't like Jem.  I'll take her to the vet". 

That vet checked Jen.  "Jet isn't sick.  Jen is just sad.  Does Jen have friends?  It'll help if Jem spends more time with pups."  The vet had Jem take me to the park.  Jem had fun and now I'm not sad for Jem., sad.  Does Jen have friends?  It'll help if Jen spends more time with pups."  The vet had me take Jen to the park.  Jen had fun and now I'm not sad for Jen.
13. Soundboard: #12, Herb's mom was making a cake shaped like a bird.  Herb was helping.  He liked making this cake.  Herb's mom needed butter for her cake.  She asked Herb to get it for her.  Herb got his bench first.  He had to stand on the bench.  He saw the butter in the third box and got it for Mom.  Herb's mom put milk no eggs in the batter.  Herb helped get those things too.  Herb helped stir the batter and put it in the bird pan.  Herb's mom turned the clock.  It would take until five.  When the cake was done, Herb and his Mom made it into a bird.
14. Soundboard: #13, Fletch and Fran are friends.  They do things together.  Fletch and Fran go places and see lots of things.  At lunchtime, Fletch and Fran trade sack lunches.  Fran's dad packs berries and Fletch likes berries.  

Fran and Fletch give nice notes.  Fran hopes 
Fletch does well on his test.  Fletch tells her about the fun plan he has.  Fletch hit a home run.  Fran is glad.  When Fletch runs bases, Fran likes to sit in the stands and yell for him.
15. Soundboard: #14, Bert is a nice horse.  But Bert does not like bugs. Bert's main problem is that bugs like Bert.  On hot days, bugs visit Bert's barn.  Bugs get on Bert's back.  Bert yells but the bugs stay.  Bert swishes his tail.  Those bugs think Bert wants to play with them.  That will not make them go away.  Bert is getting upset.  He uses his brain to come up with a plan. Bert fills a big pail.  He raises it up.  He swings his tail hard at the pail.  Bert got a nice bath, and those bugs got wet.  Now the bugs stay away.
16. Soundboard: #15, The kids in my class like reading.  We read and read.  I'm fact, we got a prize for reading.  This week we are having a big party.  We bring things for this party.  Jean is bringing cups.  Lee is bringing plates.  Mike is bringing napkins.  Peter is bringing forks.  We sat in our seats.  "You must feel good!" our teacher said.  "You are good readers.  This prize is such a nice treat."
17. Soundboard: #16, Sam is an old farm cat.  He sits on the porch most days.  Every day is the same.  Sam likes it that way.  But on this day Sam feels different.  The grass is green.  The sun is gold.  The soft wind is nice.  "It is time for me to go," Sam said.  And so he did.  Sam went for a slow stroll down the dirt road.  Sam saw a boat with three mice and a toad.  He sat for awhile with a nice goat.  Then he strolled home.
18. Soundboard: #17, June visited Bill's home.  Bill is not in his driveway.  He is not in his backyard.  He is not in his bedroom.  Where is Bill?  June went to the river.  Bill was sitting on the riverbank.  He seemed sad.  "Hello, Bill,  Put on a smile," June said.  "You cannot be sad on a day like this."

"This is my birthday, and I didn't even get a card," Bill said.

"Let's check one more time," June said.  They went to the mailbox.  The mailman was running late!  Soon he came, and his bag was stuffed with cards and gifts for Bill!
19. Soundboard: #18, It is a bright day.  The sunny sky is fine.  Rose is walking to get home on time.  Rose sees a spider on the sidewalk.  It gave her a fright, but she won't cry.  "Some spiders bite, but this tiny spider is nice," she said.  Rose walked on and found a dime.  Now her home is in sight.  Rose acts like a plane in the sky.  "I'm flying home"" she cries.  She lands right on time.
20. Soundboard: #19, Kelly visited a big city.  Cars go faster at the city than at home, she saw.  People go much faster too.  Dad stepped out of a man's way.  Kelly held tighter to Mom's hand.  The wind started blowing harder.  "It's getting colder.  We must go inside," Mom noted. They went to a shop that sold hot drinks until it was time to go home.  Kelly was glad.  She liked the city, but she was happiest at home.
21. Soundboard: #20, It's time to eat.  It is simple to set the table.  Pam is able to do it by herself.  First, Pam sets purple dishes on the table.  Pam likes purple.  Then, Pam sets glasses on the table.  They sparkle in the sunlight.  Pam gets napkins, too.  Her napkins match the purple plates.  Then, Pam holds a jug of water by the handle.  She will not spill.  There will be no puddle.  Pam is done setting the table!  It looks incredible.
22. Soundboard: #21, Mike has a card he uses to get books.  What kind of book will he look for?  Mike asks the man at the desk about good books.  The man tells him that there are books to teach Mike how to cook.  Mike found the book, and it was full of good things to eat.  Mike will take the book home.  He will cook with his mom!
23. Soundboard: Jen found a bag of flower seeds.  What can she do with them?  Jen had a frown on her face.  Then she smiled.  She will make a flower garden.  What will she do first?  Jen will plant her seeds.  A good spot is what Jen needs.

The dirt is nice and brown.  Jen digs tiny holes for the seeds.  Now the seeds can be planted.  One seed in each hole is how it's done.  Put dirt on top, but do not pound it!, #22
24. Soundboard: "This is the day to tell the class what you want to be when you grow up.  Roy, will you speak first?" the teacher asked.  What will Roy be?  Roy will tell the class his choice.  Roy will be a cowboy!

Roy will ride his horse.  He will twirl his rope.  He will herd those cows and keep an eye on them.  Roy will protect the cows from wild animals.  Maybe Roy will foil a plot if some cows run away.  He can save the herd!, #23
25. Soundboard: Sue needed to see if it is true that a cow that went "moo" flew over the moon.  Sue will read to find a clue.  This book is full of cow facts.  But not a single cow flew.

Sue read about moon facts too.  It did not give proof that the cows ever came near the moon.  Sue had another clue about what to do.  She asked an old cow if she had ever flown over the moon.  That cow only said, "Moo.", #24
26. Soundboard: #25, Most people have a hobby.  A hobby is something they do in their free time to have fun.  Janet is a gardener.  She tends her plants gladly.  She thinks her garden is a peaceful place.  Kelvin is a painter.  He makes huge paintings.  He boldly uses bright colors.  His paintings are very good, but Kelvin is not boastful of his skills.  Anything can be a hobby.  Just find something that makes you happy and have fun!
27. Soundboard: #26, Kenny and his family like to go to the woods.  They camp in tents.  They swim in the lake and hike in the hills.  Kenny unlocks the car.  He helps his mom pack.  Dad drives them to a good spot.  Then, they unload the tents, full backpacks, and precooked food.  Kenny unties the ropes on the tent.  He helps his mom and dad set up the tents.  Then Dad unpacks the food and sets up the yummy dinner. They eat first and then go fishing and hiking.  At night, Kenny unrolls his soft sleeping bag and slips in.  Sleeping will feel good after a full day of fishing and hiking.
28. Soundboard: #27, Fred has a friend named Dan.  Dan lives far away.  Fred and Dan write letters and tell each other a lot.  Dan wrote a letter to Fred.  He had a lot to tell him.  "I climbed a tree and went out on a limb.  I fell and hurt my knee.  Mom wrapped it and put ice on it to make it numb.  Then, at the end, he signed his letter and added a note:  "Write soon!"
29. Soundboard: #28, Phil likes animals.  Every summer, he and his parents visit the city zoo.  Phil can never get enough of seeing things at the zoo.  First, they go in the petting zoo.  Phil likes petting the horses.  He feeds them hay.  A graph posted on the gate shows how fast horses grow.  His mom gives him a bag.  It is stuffed with food to feed the eager goats.  Those goats eat from Phil's bag.  His dad takes photos.  In the fish house, Phil sees sea stars, puffer fish, sea horses and sharks.  Phil likes seeing the sharks get fed.  Before the zoo closes, Phil and his mom and dad see a dolphin show.  The zoo staff taught the dolphins to do fun tricks.  Splash!  Everybody laughs.
30. Soundboard: #29, August is hot!  The sun shines all day.  I cannot stop playing in the hot, hot sun.  Baseball is the best game to play in the summer.  We walk or run from base to base.  We always know our team is good.  We win a lot and have fun.  When August ends, fall will start.  First, the winds get cooler.  One leaf falls and then more come down until no leaves are left.  I wait for the cool fall and cold winter to pass.  I wait for the snow to melt and the ground to thaw.  Then it happens.  The sun shines longer.  The grass grows again and summer is back!  It's time for more fun in the sun!
31. Soundboard: #30, Mom was on the longest trip.  Ben and Jake are planning the biggest surprise for when she returns.  They have tried to keep it a secret.  They are so excited!  Dad helped Ben gather the prettiest flowers in the garden.  Ben tied the bundle.  He set his flowers on the table.  Jake and Ben cleaned while Dad was cooking.  Dad is a good cook and he is making what Mom likes best.  Dad, Ben, and Jake picked up Mom.  They rushed home.  Mom closed her eyes and Ben and Jake led her inside.  She opened her eyes wide.  The surprise was wonderful!
32. Soundboard: #31, There are many jobs that people have.  When I think about my future, I try to picture what I might be.  I have many choices!  Maybe I will be an artist.  I can paint fine pictures, using a mixture of colors.  My pictures will make people smile.  Maybe I will be a firefighter.  I can take action to protect my city.  Maybe I will work at stations all over the nation.  Finally, maybe I will be a builder.  I can make skyscrapers and houses in many locations.  I could even make a house for myself!  My future might hold anything!  I know that I will be happy if I do something I like and that makes other people glad.
33. Soundboard: #32, Danny was so excited!  His scout troop was going hiking.  He loaded his backpack.  But things started going wrong right away.  Danny put on his boots in the darkness.  When he got on the bus, Danny looked down.  His boots were mismatched!  Next, Danny mislaid his water bottle.  It was not in his backpack.  At the start of the hike, they crossed a stream.  Danny room a misstep and slipped midstream.  Splash!  Danny got soaked.  Danny dried off as they hiked on.  The hikers stopped at midday for lunch.  Danny was happy to stop.  When he looked in his backpack, he realized he misplaced his lunch.  Luckily, his friend shared with him.  Hopefully, the next hiking trip will go smoother!

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