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1. Questions: Animal, Tail, Animal figure, Pillow, Squirrel,, Dieren tellen
tot 20
2. Text Input: Animal, Canidae, Dog, Carnivore, Puppy, Vertebrate, Dog breed, Dog training, Pillow, Breed, French bulldog, American pit bull terrier, Non-Sporting Group, Kennel, Basset Hound, Boxer, Dog grooming, St. Bernard, Pet fence, Bark of the Town Grooming and Boarding, All Breeds Dog Grooming
3. Text Input: Wildlife, Flightless bird, Bird, Penguin, Emperor penguin, Meerkat, Birds, penguins
4. Text Input: Green, Picture frame, Leaf, Paper
5. Text Input: Organism, Animal, Wildlife, Animal figure, Cat, Adaptation
6. Text Input: Moths and butterflies, Invertebrate, Insect, Earrings, Butterfly, Pollinator, Brush-footed butterfly, Cynthia (subgenus), Monarch butterfly, Brush-footed butterflies, Pieridae, Butterflies
7. Text Input: Animal, Mammal, Picture frame, Pillow, Paper, Carnivores
8. Text Input: Animal, Pillow
9. Text Input: Animal, Luggage & bags, Bird
10. Text Input: Animal, Luggage & bags, Bird
11. Text Input: Animal, Bird, Pillow, Textile, Gesture, Linens
12. Text Input: Animal, Bird, Pillow, Gesture

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